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The Artling's Corporate Gift Guide 2022

ByJenevieve Kok
The Artling's Corporate Gift Guide 2022

Booty Vase (Green) by Geoffrey Pauchard

With the festive season drawing near, it's never too early to start working on your corporate gift list! Corporate gift-giving strengthens the connections with your partners, colleagues and clients, and shows them you value them. Corporate gifting also helps to raise brand awareness, and what better way to solidify your brand than by finding unique art and design gifts to give. The Artling has put together a collection of functional design pieces and vibrant artworks that would make great corporate gifts for your esteemed partners, employees and clients. 


Collectible Design Pieces 

The Pezioso Candleholder and the Diamante Vase are from Arianna De Luca's Bonanza collection and was inspired by the aesthetic richness and abundance typical of the nomadic cultures scattered around the Mediterranean areas. The pastel pieces are the perfect combination of sweet and bold. Its delicate pink shade recalls a "confetto" and the bold gold-yellow handle is reminiscent of traditional jewellery. The term "confetto" refers to an Italian candy made of sugar-covered almonds. They are gifts that represent joy and celebration. 

Kitbox Design is an Istanbul-based Design Studio founded by Industrial Designer Tugce Sonmez Evin in 2016. Kitbox's design approach is formed around the most traditional and natural materials such as wood, glass, copper, and brass, which are crafted by hand into durable everyday objects. The Blank Desk Organizer is a new fun way of keeping your desktop organised and classy. The Blank Penholder consists of a hand-made brass penholder and a paper-clip case with a green steel stand. This piece adds a little flair to your working space by organising your desktop with the beautiful elegance of practicality.

These "Donut" candle holders are one of Ottan Studio's's newest design pieces. These candle holders add a natural atmosphere and elegance to your officers with their minimal design. All of Ottan Studio's works are made of biocomposite materials that they produce from inconsumable foods or leaves. These designers up-cycle green waste into high-quality bio-composite materials. The materials save natural resources from depletion, add a very high value to organic waste, and contribute to companies by fulfilling their sustainability commitments.

The Woods vases by Lyn Wallis (The Daily Rabbit) are 3D-printed functional watertight vases. They are eco-friendly and made with degradable PLA bio-plastic (derived from corn starch).  The Woods' versatility allows it to be printed in a wide range of colours and textures. Lush, smoky colours evoke danger and mystery. Translucent textures enable you to peer into its inner geometry, enhanced by visible flower and leaf stems. Ethereal matte colours reveal the fairytale kingdom at the heart of the woods.


The no 004 jar and no. 003 jar by obie are handmade jars made from natural mahogany wood originally from Indonesia. Obie, or Tobing Dewi, was born in Indonesia in 1993 and is a visual artist and designer. A graduate from Petra Christian University, using mainly ink and watercolours, Dewi expresses herself through artwork with monochrome and shading effects. In 2015, after graduating from university, Dewi founded her design label “obie”. Dewi gets her inspiration from her daily life and focuses on feelings, humans, and relationships.

Contemporary Artworks 

Paul Taylor was born in San Francisco and is a Los Angeles-based photographer. He has been making commercial advertising work for 35 years, making abstract personal work for even longer and is now weaving these strands together. His interest in the abstract is rooted in his exploration of the flat-gridded farmlands of California. The land, like a blank sheet of paper, invites hard work and nurture to bring forth its creations.

Hong-Kong artist amini54 finds inspiration from everything in life - nature, art, or just a mood. Curious and persistent, he explores art with a spirit of adventure and a love of play. He creates abstracts and nature works and often blends the two styles together to create new imagery.

Larisa Siverina currently lives and works in Chelyabinsk, Russia. She has over thirteen years of experience working in photography and painting. Her works express her emotions and impressions of the world around her. As an artist, she focuses on abstract art as it allows for great experimentation with colour, imagination, and freedom of expression.

Scottish artist Lewis Deeney grew up in Dumbarton before moving to Dundee to pursue a contemporary art degree where he graduated with a first-class honours in 2020. Lewis won both the James Guthrie Orchar Memorial Prize and the Farquar Reid Trust Prize during the degree show, as well as being selected for the Freelands Painting Prize. A student of Yoga and meditation, these practices greatly inform Lewis's work, which explores notions of the self in relationship to technology. Simultaneously looking inwards towards his own conscious experience and out towards our humanity as a whole, Lewis’s work questions our collective ontology in an ever-changing, technologically advanced world.

Click here to view our full holiday corporate gifting collection! 

Order by 21 November to ensure your gifts get delivered in time for Christmas! Do note that some products may have additional lead times. Should you need further guidance or have custom requirements, get in touch with our expert curators here.

Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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