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Artworks for the Workplace: New in July 2020

ByJenevieve Kok
Artworks for the Workplace: New in July 2020

Marilyn - Daniel Buchner

Incorporating artworks into the workplace is a great way to add character, color, and creativity to your office. It creates a positive atmosphere, reduces stress, and boosts productivity. Abstract art can foster creativity without distracting; minimalist works evoke a sense of tranquility; while urban art adds an element of modernity. Choosing artworks that complement your company’s culture and vision can also enhance its branding as well as strengthen bonds between employees. Such artworks have the power to transform your workplace into an enriching and productive space. 

In this article, the Artling has put together some of our newly listed artworks for the office and workplace.

Etamine by Muriel Napoli


Etamine - Muriel Napoli

“Etamine” is an acrylic and ink painting by French artist Muriel Napoli. The self-taught artist focuses on connecting the world to beings and things to form a whole – an entirety.

"Connecting the world to beings and things. What is found in my pictures is nature's ability to change independently of the action of humanity, from its origins to today. The formation of the oceans, the origin of water on Earth, sedimentation, fire, magma, formation of coal, of planets, accretion, geological phenomenon ...I mix organic, mineral, the elements and various displays of these elements. I eliminate to the maximum everything that humanity has added to the world, all the changes introduced, everything which is artificial."

WATERWORLD 8. by Andrew Lever 


WATERWORLD 8. - Andrew Lever

“WATERWORLD 8.” by Andrew Lever is a C Type print on fuji matte paper. This work is one of a series of images where Lever laid down on a paddleboard to capture a minimalist colored artwork, creating a unique perspective of the sea. In this large photographic print, two-cruise ships face each other on the horizon along the Weymouth channel of the UK. The soft blue tones of the sea and sky give the picture a calm, ethereal feel. 

"I am a serial globetrotter with an insatiable appetite for creating fresh and exciting imagery."

Cerulean Swing by Lali Torma

“Cerulean Swing” is by Romanian-born artist Lali Torma. This unique work is part of the new “Folds” series, which was made with Torma’s own mix of ink colors and applied with a calligraphic pen in continuous lines. There is a sense of expectancy and a continuation of the flow outside the page.

"The uninterrupted surface and its textile quality is exalted and liberated by the suspended undulating movement."

Shorty’s Hurricane Season by Daniel Buchner 


Shorty's Hurricane Season - Daniel Buchner

“Shorty’s Hurricane Season” by Daniel Buchner is a music-inspired giclee fine art inkjet print. At the North Sea Jazz Festival, Buchner was inspired by musician Trombone Shorty’s ‘neoplastic’ solo. Buchner took the pixels from Piet Mondrian's last artwork Victory Boogie Woogie. He left sampled pixels intact, but several hundred are inflated leaving the color transition between the neoplastic lawful primary colors and ‘no color’ clearly visible. What results is a living rhythm and movement in the work.

"My compositions are an exploration into a new Neoplasticism. Order through abstraction in form and color. Leaning heavily on the vision of spiritual harmony."

 Wooden Structure by Jae Won Choi


Wooden Structure - Jae Won Choi

“Wooden Structure” is a unique work created by Korean artist Jae Won Choi. This wood patchwork is a three-dimensional representation of a flat surface in a geometric pattern, reflecting the landscape of space and structure.

"When I was studying antique furniture at ISAD (Istituto Superiore di Architettura e Design) in Milan Italy, I learned patchwork type of wood furniture from the Lombardy intarsio techniques."

Avila desde Valle Arriba by Carlos J Tirado


Avila desde Valle Arriba - Carlos J Tirado

“Avila desde Valle Arriba” by Carlos J Tirado is an original oil on canvas landscape painting. This piece captures the beauty of Venezuela's iconic national park, which serves as the lungs of the country’s capital. Tirado is an artist, painter, and sculptor who has developed a very personal and precise line of work linked to Neo-Pop art.

"I opt to use an approximate 600-pantone-color chart from exterior paints at home improvement stores. The strategic combination of these samples based on the principles of collage: cutting and pasting produce a marvelous pixel-like image of outstanding beauty and allure."

 Singapore by Studio 30 Lily Balasanova & Sergei Kolevatykh


Singapore - Studio 30 Lily Balasanova & Sergei Kolevatykh

“Singapore” is a limited edition giclee work by Studio 30 Lily Balasanova & Sergei Kolevatykh – a creative collaboration between two Moscow-based artists.

Tokyo Crossing X by Sven Pfrommer


Tokyo Crossing X - Sven Pfrommer

“Tokyo Crossing X” belongs to Sven Pfrommer’s photography series from Japan. Sven is originally from Berlin and has been based in South East Asia for 8 years.

"Photography from my Japan series produced on metal and arranged as multi-part work. Each photo has been transferred by thermal sublimation on a glossy coated aluminum plate. This unique technique creates an exceptional tone range and vivid colors." 

Flow #3 by Atjima Jaroenchit Tananont


Flow #3 - Atjima Jaroenchit Tananont

“Flow #3” is an oil painting by Thai artist Atjima Jaroenchit Tananont. Her unique technique is complemented by her profound understanding of the ocean's character and her expert skills to melt and move those colors in desired directions. When she paints, she does not limit herself to brushes; she pours colors that mix oil into the paint, and then lets the mixture slide as she lifts the canvas. 

"The ocean is a great inspiration from nature. Let’s feel the movement of waves."

Xiapu vertical I by Lee Chee Wai 


Xiapu vertical I - Lee Chee Wai

This minimalist, black and white photograph is by Lee Chee Wai. “Xiapu vertical I” was captured in Xiapu, China – a famous aquafarming site with an artistic man-made environment. Lee alludes to the renaissance of traditional Chinese fine art painting by cropping the photograph in a 1:2 aspect ratio.

"Transforming my senses from the environment, the people, and all the living beings to the fine art images. I sincerely hope to deepen one's senses towards the world with my images."

best good night greetings by Elka Alva Chandra


best good night greetings - Elka Alva Chandra

“best good night greetings” is a unique work crafted with pastel and soil on raw canvas by Elka Alva Chandra. The Indonesian artist lives and works in Yogyakarta where he creates spontaneous abstract paintings with an elegant touch, which suit many modern interiors.

Dream XVII (XL) by Bea Garding Schubert



Dream XVII (XL) - Bea Garding Schubert

“Dream XVII (XL)” by Bea Garding Schubert is a large, expressive abstract painting. Schubert uses an array of mixed media: acrylics, spray paint, dripped acrylics, soft pastels, and Schmincke acrylic inks on a high quality canvas. The expressive color combination and contrast between geometrical forms; fluid gestural painting; and expressive lines make this artwork unique. 

"I love the song "Imagine" written by John Lennon. Its lyrics encourage the listener to imagine a world at peace without barriers of borders or the divisions of religion and nationality. I am a dreamer, I believe in a better world. All starts with a dream. In dreams we plant the seeds of the future."

Schubert is a German artist who creates abstract works that inspire hope and happiness. The more you look at Bea’s works, the more you’ll see. Windows, plants, and words emerge out of the abstracted image - a surreal world of tranquility beneath the surface.

Curve Line 21 by Farnaz Jahabin


Curve Line 21 - Farnaz Jahanbin

“Curve Line 21” is an acrylic painting on canvas by Iranian painter and singer Farnaz Jahabin. Her works convey both the liveliness of Tehran and the mystery of Persian aesthetics. She creates complex portraits of home through the dual lenses of sound and vibration. Whether it’s two men fighting over payment, a boy playing guitar, or the chatter on a public bus, Jahanbin’s work translates the complexity of day-to-day life into abstract painting.

"Everyday events, conversation, altercation, circulation, are the starting point of my abstract compositions, which borrow from oriental calligraphy their rhythmic undulations."

New Directions #6 by Arnaud Gautron 


New Directions #6 - Arnaud Gautron

“New Directions #6” is an acrylic painting, which marks a new stage in Arnaud Gautron’s “New Directions” series. The French artist used brushes of different sizes, allowing him to mark a dynamic in the keys and remain visible in the painting, which has a fairly raw and spontaneous rendering. 

"My artistic reflection is based on the study of the relations between man and nature, as well as on the exploration of my own unconscious. My paintings, abstract with multiple dimensions, are those of a contemporary artist, in the sense that I am alive right now. They seek to evoke, to suggest, to make feel. They are interested in the matter, and we can therefore associate them with the term concrete painting."

Everything 446 by Jingshen You 


Everything 446 - Jingshen You

“Everything 446” by Jingshen You is an original unique oil painting on canvas. Jingshen is a contemporary Chinese artist who paints landscape and abstract works. All of his canvases, whether figurative or abstract, are immensely rich in color and detail. There is an expressive quality to Jinsheng’s work that suggests a heartfelt connection between artist and subject. 

"I find inspiration in my everyday surroundings, and many of my paintings depict the plants and flowers growing in my garden."


We hope that this has inspired you to start adding artworks to your workplace! If you would like to browse more of our newest artworks, check out our curated art collection. If you need additional guidance or have specific requirements, you can have a look at our art consultancy services or chat with our expert curators on any product page.

Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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