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ASTRA, a new sculpture by Jun Ong unveiled in Singapore, 280 metres up in the sky!

ByMadi Amin
ASTRA, a new sculpture by Jun Ong unveiled in Singapore, 280 metres up in the sky!

Image by Rendy Aryanto.

The Artling is proud to present our largest sculpture commission to date! Standing at almost 10 metres tall and nestled in the heart of Singapore, Astra by Jun Ong is an interpretation of the supernova phenomenon. Encapsulating the city's urban energy, a conflux of steel is forged 280 metres up in the sky, on top of the iconic pinnacle of One Raffles Place.

A star with a view! Image by Rendy Aryanto.

Image by Rendy Aryanto.

Commissioned by OUE for one of their latest new venues, Nova Bar, this unique sculpture is the result of almost a year of coordination between ourselves, The Artling, fabricators UAP, the client OUE and the artist Jun Ong. The sheer size of the sculpture and mechanics of coordinating the stainless steel structure, light and sound, was a huge achievement for the entire team.

Image by Artogo Production.

Image by Artogo Production.

The sculpture also represents the intersection of geometries - the dodecahedron and icosahedron - forms a robust core, expanding the artwork into a colossal, multi-faceted star-shaped object.

The geometry of the artwork is thus accentuated by the dynamic illumination it emits. A spectrum of colours pulse in infinite patterns, creating a beacon with an ever-changing visual language. The artwork’s reflective materiality allows for the convergence of both natural and man-made illumination, merging the spirit of the city and the calm, ethereal quality of the skies.

"It is a portal between worlds - celestial and terrestrial. Like the life journey of a star, the artwork is formed through a unique confluence of matter and energy. It pushes the boundaries of the cityscape, celebrating innovation and self-expression." — Jun Ong

Image by Artogo Production.

Nova Bar will be open to the public in early 2024 and we can't wait for you to see it! The space will be revealed with stunning interiors by MSDO and architecture by Studio NVS.

About Jun Ong

Jun Ong, courtesy of the artist.

Born in 1988, Jun Ong is a Kuala Lumpur-based light artist. His work “Star” - a five-storey light installation in Penang was nominated for World's Best in Spatial Art at the Media Architecture Biennale (2016) in Sydney. He has shown at major art festivals like Art SG (2023), Taiwan Lantern Festival (2023), Art Central Hong Kong (2018) and iLight Marina Bay Singapore (2016 & 2023). Trained in architecture, he examines how the manipulation of artificial light could affect the way we experience the built form and its environment. He has collaborated with programmers, video artists, quantum physicists and sound artists in his multi-scaled works. Jun has been commissioned by brands like Nike, The Hour Glass, Gucci, PUBG and Philips Lighting for site-specific light installations. In parallel with his art practice, Jun is the co-founder of the KL-based spatial design studio, POW Ideas and was a lecturer in lighting design at Sunway University, Malaysia. With a think-tank approach, Jun and his students developed research and design in sensorial deprivation, performative lighting and illuminative psychology over a period of three years.

For sculpture commission enquiries, please feel free to get in touch with our team at!

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