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The Artling's Corporate Gift Guide 2021: Art & Design under $100

ByAdlina Tan
The Artling's Corporate Gift Guide 2021: Art & Design under $100

Daydream#02 by Enrico Capanni

Corporate gift giving is a practice that many businesses have engaged in to create better relationships with their clients and colleagues. Picking the right gift can be a tough task, but The Artling is here to help! We have carefully put together a collection of vibrant art & functional design pieces perfect for the holiday season, and all year round! 

Functional Design Pieces For a Desk

FUNNO -Pencil Sharpener& Paper Weight-Gold by Beyond Object is a pencil sharpener machined from a solid block of metal and hand polished with mirror finish in various colours. While the minimalistic design eliminates traces of this object as a tool, it has a mysterious appearance that invites viewers to touch and interact with it. Funno also works as a beautiful paperweight - a still yet dynamic sculpture on your desktop.

ROTONDA  by Uniqka celebrates leather in its essence s a structural material. With a simple pinch, the thick vegetable tanned leather is transformed into a sculptural lid and held together by its tensile properties and a few double-stitched detailing. These few and minimal interventions emphasize some of the unique characteristics of leather.

The collection comes in two sizes and in a natural leather and copper colourway.

Blank Desk Organizer by Kitbox Design is a new fun way of keeping your desktop organised and classy. It consists of handmade copper penholder and paper-clip case and a blue steel stand. Penholder and paper-clip case overcome their unstable forms by the help of their stable stand also performing as a card holder. Blank adds a little flair to your working spaces by organizing your desktop and being an inspiration itself by its beautiful elegance of practicality.

TINY CITY / CELEMENT PENHOLDER & SHARPENER by CELEMENT LAB is inspired by Taiwanese urban architecture, CELEMENT penholder feature derives from arcade. It has two compartments, a big and small one, to store office supplies by providing a functional, stylish and versatile storage solution, and it transforms your desk into a city landscape.

Vase versa mini by Dean Toepfer is a duotone stem vase, its paired back form highlights the bold graphic quality of varying colour relationships.

Scala Collection Arch Tealight + Candle Holder by Extra&Ordinary Design is a marble finish arch-shaped candle/tealight holder that was inspired by the Roman marble architectures, especially, marble block stairs and elements of columns. As each object is individually cast and treated by hand to replicate the characteristics of marble, the shapes of grains on the surface are widely varied. These unique features are the essence of the Scala collection.

IRIS vase and UNIFORME stackabke candlestick holder by Cristina Daminato / Mud is Mood is a modular vase made of stoneware porcelain ceramic. IRIS is part of Intersezioni Vases Collection, a collection composed of 5 stackable shapes, you can have a customized vase suitable for your interior design and your mood, choosing shapes and colors. The product is handmade in stoneware porcelain, a lightness, thinnest material. The exterior surface is lacquered with studied colors to obtain a matted finish and the interior is watertight. 

ANA-GRAM 1 - Modular Candelholder by Oreade Studio is a modular candle holder which pieces interlock with each other in a playful way. Like an arch, they are sealed together by a keystone: the candle.

Inspired by brutalist architecture textures and Art Nouveau shapes, the making of this candle holder combines modern technology with ancestral know-how. It is moulded in Jesmonite, a gypsum composite based powder, with a highly minimal environmental impact.

Design Pieces For The Office

Thinking of a gift to add excitement to the office? Here are some unique works to alleviate your space! 

Feeling Toasty by Miyelle is a playful toast rack that brings a bit of joy to your breakfast. It is handbuilt, made from stoneware clay and glazed in frost white. Fruit Bowl by Atelier Aveus is made of brushed solid brass.

Water Tower – Mini planter by Tiipoi is part of the collection of planters and vases inspired by urban infrastructure in present-day India. It’s also about how, in India, concrete is often transformed from a purely functional material into an opportunity for decoration. Tiipoi started creating typologies of the water towers India and found no two to be the same. The functional and architectural features of these towers, such as the ladders, windows and stairs, have been turned into miniaturised decorative elements. Each design was 3D-printed, the moulds made out of silicone and the pieces cast in concrete.

Alien Vase Silver and Hedgehog Vase by Lyn Wallis (The Daily Rabbit) is a functional watertight vase, 3D printed with eco-friendly, degradable PLA bio-plastic (derived from corn starch). The undulating crater design maximises the light reflecting properties of silk-effect PLA. The vase can also be produced in a variety of colours and textures to create different visual effects. The design takes on other characteristics when translated into different PLA textures, when using transparent fluorescent colours, or granular filaments. It is by turns, playful, mysterious, mesmerising.

Artworks For The Office

Artworks complement a space like no other, they add a personal touch to gifting, and spark creativity and conversations within a workplace. Below are some of The Artling’s top picks for artworks that would make great corporate gifts!

Modern Tomorrow 2 by Graziella Granata is an open edition print of geometries from the amazing Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, by the architect Santiago Calatrava.

55 Horizons by Kevin Jackson is from a pen and ink drawing of an allegorical landscape. Initially intended as an intial drawing for a copperplate etching, the ink lines in digital representation better expressed the impetus of the idea.

Tethered and Hovering Still by Stephanie Barenz are created by using a mixed media process where a painting was first created and then scanned. After these steps, additional imagery was layered on top using digital painting application. 

Stephanie's art is about the layered experience of moving from point A to point B, be it a short walk or a lifelong journey. She have found that creating and moving are similar in the way that they can both disorientate and give direction to their participant. This is the paradox that motivates her work.

Abstract 101 by Meyai is a colourful abstract with boxy shapes whereas, Circles #12 by Paul Taylor is inspired by interplanetary harmony. Through the colours of the works, creativity can be sparked and elevate the mood in the workplace.

arc by Hiromasa Fukaji is done with a technique in which digital data is converted into physical movement by a plotter (equipment that converts and outputs vector data), and drawings are made with analog writing materials such as pencils, ballpoint pens, and brushes. When precise line data, which can only be realized in the digital world, is physically drawn with a pen, physical factors such as friction, gravity, humidity and atmospheric pressure act to create "accidental expressions" such as blurring. Plotter Drawing is an expression technique that intentionally creates accidental expressions at the boundaries between digital and real.

Browse The Artling's full curated collection for Holiday Corporate Gifting and place your orders by 21 November to receive your gifts in time for Christmas! Should you need additional guidance or have custom requirements, you can avail of our dedicated corporate art consultancy services or chat with our expert curators here.

Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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