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10 Geometric Wall Sculptures for Corporate Offices

ByKaren Yu
10 Geometric Wall Sculptures for Corporate Offices

Nailed it Series No. 140 by Sumit Mehndiratta

Are you looking to spruce up your office interiors with interesting compositions? Geometric wall sculptures are the way to go! Geometry studies the relationships between lines, angles, and surfaces. Many artists have manipulated and challenged the conventional notions of angles and formations of shapes, delivering rich complexity in compositions, making for an attractive focal point for corporate spaces.

Introducing geometric sculptural art pieces for your office walls:


Lost by Richard Blackwell

A play of symmetry is prominent within this work done by Richard Blackwell, with its flow of lines paralleled with one another cascading vertically through the fluid but structured form. Blackwell practices interdisciplinarily with sculpture and print media and traces the built environment's physiognomy and psychology. 

“The labyrinthine reliefs in his new series deal with ideas of modularity, fusing individual experience with architectonic space and dismantling what’s left of the weathered walls between physicality and digitality.” - Richard Blackwell

Carved with Film faced plywood, Lost makes for a slick yet neutral piece that blends in seamlessly with corporate interiors.


Glitch by Vadim

An Artling exclusive piece, Glitch orchestrates itself in the manipulation of form and composition strikingly in shades of reds and oranges. 

“In my work, I tried to feel this spirit of the new time, get inspired and transform my creative energy into the creation of an art object that seems to break out of the virtual world into the material.” - Vadim

Vadim aims to create a visual symbolism of the next stage of human technological development using the notion of glitching, which is a phenomenon only unique to the digital space.


Nailed it Series No. 140 by Sumit Mehndiratta

A creation by Sumit Mehndiratta, this complex yet intricate piece displays itself at 400 meters of fine thread weaved in between nails creating a geometric pattern that catches the awes of many.  

“Using threads and nails has been one of the many creative ways I could use to make geometrical shapes and have fun with them.” - Sumit Mehndiratta

Nailed it Series No. 140 is framed behind acrylic glass along a complementing plywood background painted with satin medium to highlight the intricate wooden patterns. Certainly an outstanding center wall piece for an office interior.


Totem I.II by Aphra Shemza

Merging both the organic and technological, Totem I.II blurs boundaries between the two conflicting entities with the use of oak and LED illumination. Aphra Shemza makes a reference to spirituality through the choice of title, Totem, and fuses the idea of a natural emblem with geometry to create this sculpture signifying the connection between us and the digital realm.

Built with perspex, oak veneered MDF, resin, and LEDs, this sculptural piece serves as a hybrid of both natural and digital.



FRACTUS-DIAGONALIS makes a bold statement with its outstanding color blocking and rhythm of fragments, a composition that makes the future. COSMOSELECTOR shares his love for the wondrous imagination of cosmic space through his series of works that collects geological samples of planets.

“Each sculpture represents a geophysical formation of a planet outside the solar system.” - COSMOSELECTOR

Made of steel fragments, this sculpture makes a polychromatic statement and brings a futuristic edge that complements workspaces.


Fallraven by Scott Troxel

Inspired by Art Deco and mid-century modern movements, Scott Troxel incorporates flat colors and graphical forms that create Fallraven, a diptych piece that allows versatility in placement between the two forms. 

“The result is a piece that commands attention in any room. It is both striking and whimsical and adds a certain vintage feel wherever it is placed.” - Scott Troxel

As Troxel prides himself on delivering art that bridges the dated and modern, the new and unfamiliar, hence he plays with strong composition, balance, color, form, and movement in his creations.


The inside space by Soonyong Hong

Infusing organic landscapes with geometry makes it softer on the eyes with The Inside space by Soonyong Hong

“Through the work visualized the purity that exists inside the human into a clean world and the work symbolized by the form of animals, I hope to create a space to find happiness, satisfaction, beauty and excitement in life.” - Soonyong Hong

Transforming natural environments into simplistic fragments coupled with a neutral color palette, Hong critiques the notion of imbalance caused by the structures of society today and aims to remind viewers to restore simplicity and balance in their day-to-day despite life’s demands.


FREE - DOME by Ronni Squizzato

FREE - DOME challenges the preconceived notion of rigidity in geometric composition through the intertwining of cubes, making it a subtle optical illusion. Ronni Squizzato creates a visual expression of the idea of curiosity and freedom, hence the title of choice. 

This wall piece makes for a harmonious contrast in color blocking, composition, and form. Despite being a flat sculpture, the subtle shadows, and deliberate compositional perspective definitely elevate this piece’s sense of dimension.


Mystic Dance #2 by Sassoon Kosian

Sculpted by Sassoon Kosian, Mystic Dance #2 grapples the wall in motion suggesting a performative pose accompanied by vivid triangular fragments, delivering a sense of playfulness. 

As the title suggests, this body of work brings an element of dance within a stationary form, setting a lighthearted atmosphere in any room.


"Back of Society by Kevin Patrick Callaghan

A chromatic play of colors is a common element in geometric artworks, especially in "Back of Society by Kevin Patrick Callaghan. Contained within a frame, Callaghan colors each piece differently that are laser-marked by combinations of intersecting parallel lines, exploring the study of color and composition. 

The bright yellow ochre plays a huge part in bringing out the vibrancy with contrasting colors like black, pink, and blue that pierce through the composition, creating an encapsulating marriage of colors.

We hope you enjoyed our selection of geometric wall sculptures! If you’re looking for art for your corporate office space, do get in touch with our consultants here.

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