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Making Waves Online: The Artling’s Augmented Reality Feature

ByGrace Ignacia See
Making Waves Online: The Artling’s Augmented Reality Feature

All Images courtesy of The Artling

The Artling launched our new Augmented Reality (AR) feature on The Artling app in June 2018. AR, an interactive experience, allows the digital version of artworks on The Artling to be placed to scale on any wall.

The Artling’s AR feature recognizes horizontal surfaces. By matching dots up in the space around you through the app, you can place a digital version of an artwork within your physical environment, through your phone screen. This makes it perfect for anyone in the market for some art, but especially for those who are a little hesitant about commitment, space constraints, or anyone who’s just curious to see their choice of works to scale.

What is AR?

Simply put, Augmented Reality is an interactive experience of a real-world environment. It brings components of the digital world into a person's perception of the real world. In the case of The Artling’s AR feature, it allows users a preview of the works they are interested in and where in their space they would fit best, all in real time. 

Why AR? 

The Artling has been pushing technological boundaries since inception, and this new AR feature is a natural progression for the art and design platform. This new feature enables users to place virtual versions of the selected artworks on their walls, to scale, in real time, wherever they may be. One of the main challenges for people buying artworks online is the difficulty in visualizing the artwork in their space. Now, with The Artling’s AR feature, users can place any artwork from the online platform onto their own wall, and with the online platform’s extensive collection of artworks from over 2,500 artists, users can easily try out different artworks to see which is best suited to their space. Not only are users able to better see the scale of the artwork, but they can also even see textural details in the artwork when they approach it from a closer angle. The Artling hopes that with the introduction of this feature, a user’s experience of buying art online will be transformed, as they are now able to visualize exactly how an artwork will look in the space they’re trying to fill, making it easier than ever to start their art collection!


How to use the AR feature on The Artling app

  1. First, begin by downloading The Artling app, available on iOS.

  2. Open the app and select an artwork.

  3. By clicking on the icon of the hanging frame below the artwork’s image, you will be directed to the app’s AR feature.

  4. Allow the app to detect your floor

  5. Match the green dot up to a point where your chosen wall meets the floor.

  6. Repeat this for the second dot required, across the space where you’d like your artwork to be placed.

  7. Now you’ve established the space you want to use, click anywhere to place the artwork on your wall.

  8. The artwork will show up on your wall, all to scale and in real time!


Jirasak Plabootong, Behind Bamboo Blinds

Jirasak Plabootong, Behind Bamboo Blinds, Acrylic on Canvas, 2018.
Available on The Artling

Click here to download The Artling app
Click here to watch our AR feature in action
Click here for high-res images of our artworks in situ


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