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Zouk x The Artling: A Garden of Earthly Pleasures

ByYunyi Lau
Zouk x The Artling: A Garden of Earthly Pleasures

At the opening of Capital, in partnership with Perrier-Jouët (Image courtesy of Zouk)

The Artling is pleased to present our involvement at Zouk's new location at Clarke Quay. An institution in Singapore's nightlife entertainment scene, Zouk's move from its original location at Jiak Kim Street to The Cannery at Clarke Quay was seen as a major shift in the industry.


Capital's Cigar Room features works by Ronson Culibrina and Abdi Setiawan
Imagoe courtesy of Zouk Clarke Quay


Art has always been an integral part of Zouk’s story. From their days at Jiak Kim, it was well-known amongst club kids that Zouk was the place for art-spotting with works by famous artists such as Andy Warhol, Takashi Murakami and Keith Haring lining the corridors of the club.


The Artling was engaged to acquire a corporate collection for Zouk that would become part of the new branding message. This collection of works specially curated for the new premises at Clarke Quay continues these memories for a new generation of Zouk patrons, but with an entirely updated and contemporary profile. 


"Resonance World" by Tetsuya Toshima
Imag courtesy of Zouk Clarke Quay


The main concentration of art is located in Capital, the most exclusive room in Zouk's compound. The collection includes many specially commissioned works for various locations in Capital, that reflect the individual characteristics of each area. Retaining the Pop element, this new collection largely focuses on Asian art, with almost all of the artists selected for this new identity coming from the local region. Furthermore, to inject a youthful sophistication and showcase emerging talents alongside more established names at the Clarke Quay premises, we consciously selected a younger generation of artists to be part of the new image for the art collection.


"Nautilus" by Indian artists Hari & Deepti is a specially commissioned work in Capital


Capital was presented as an after-hours playground for a new generation of Zouk patrons, and with this brief we created a fantasy world of cheeky and playful works. Separated largely into four sections, each theme is linked by the idea of an estate home with a fantastical garden of earthly delights. The Main Bar showcases a show-stopping luminous ceiling designed by Japanese artist Tetsuya Toshima that give patrons the feeling of being submerged in a mystical pond paradise, while the Whisky Bar contrasts this with a wondrous curiosity cabinet of art and decorative objects inspired by real and fictional naturalia. The Cigar Room takes its inspiration from a classic trophy room, but turns it on its head with a contemporary twist; even the restrooms hold a cheeky surprise at every turn.


Red Tail was one of the first of Zouk's spaces to open. Singaporean artists Eric & Dawn were been especially commissioned to create a mural spanning across the entire length of the facade of the space, inspired by the Asian origins of the concept for Red Tail. Their mural is influenced by the monochromatic strokes of traditional Chinese ink and wash painting (水墨). A highlight of the design are two playful Red Tail Pandas - after which the Red Tail space is named - that lurk amongst the bamboo. A bright red panda paw print with green accents tags the wall, adding a fun element and lively energy that matches the Red Tail bar.


Static Party by Jahan Loh at Phuture
Image courtesy of Zouk Clarke Quay


Phuture has always been seen as the space in where many Zoukettes have their first Zouk experience. The concept envisioned for the work in the space is one that has at once a futuristic, but simultaneously nostalgic feel provided by the works of Singaporean artist, Jahan Loh. Those returning to Phuture after having explored the other spaces in Zouk, will be reminded of their younger days, while those entering the hallowed gates of Zouk for the first time will finally experience the hype.


The exit tunnel in Phuture features Zouk's previous mascot by Jahan Loh - the Zoukbot!
Image courtesy of the artist


Finally, the main room at Zouk has been completely reimagined with a new raw, industrial look and feel. For this, we envisioned steampunk, mechanical features for the space. Having been a regular patron of Zouk, Singaporean artist Chris Chai is well-acquainted with the imagery associated with the institution and has reinterpreted the ‘Zouk Eye’ that was part of the Members privilege card as a starting point for his design concept. Chai's monochromatic cross-hatched works fit perfectly with the new brand, using geometric blocks and angular shapes to reimagine the ‘eye’ with a flow that reflects the constant movement of the pulsating music that ripples through the club in his commissioned work Optimetric.


Optimetic by Chris Chai
Image courtesy of the artist


The Artling is proud to be part of this new chapter in Zouk's colourful history, as it embarks on an exciting future!



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