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Aasiri Wickremage

Born: 1983

Hometown: Sri Lanka

Based in: United Kingdom

Aasiri Wickremage is an artist with Sri Lankan roots, currently living in Surrey United Kingdom. With a background architectural studies, she has been somewhat of a globetrotter over the past decade, having lived in five countries and four continents. As such, her work draws inspiration from multiple cultures, landscapes and landmarks she has experienced personally. Her work highlights the experience of a landscape, it’s mood, character, lighting and density, through several layers of colour, lines, texture and brush strokes. She zooms in and out of the actual memory of the landscape to construct the story in mind. She tries to include the built and natural environments in my work as an interconnected entity, this she believes questions how the spaces occupy and correlate through the art work. Once she feels sufficient layers are complied, she picks out the details with lines that she thinks contribute to the over all composition and character, then present it in an abstract format for the viewer to solve: an inconclusive situation of the space.


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