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Abshar Platisza

Abshar Platisza

Born: 1992

Hometown: Indonesia

Based in: Bandung

Abshar Platisza was born in Bandung, Indonesia in 1992 and received his Diploma from the Faculty of Fine Arts, ITB, Bandung in 2011 with a mojor in printmaking. He has shown extensively in Indonesia and Singapore. He was a finalist from SPOT ART 2013 and recently participated in ART JOG 2014, Legacies of Power, Yogyakarta. He is also the recipient of the prestigious Panorama Indonesia Finalist Award from the Galeri Nasional, Indonesia.

Abut his new work he says, “The world is now entering a new reality with a face that is blinding, like a thousand watt lamp. Advances in science and technology make life easier for humans but there is a price to pay for humanity itself. At first, I drew this work in one piece, and then I used an eraser to form a sparkling city lights. Such was the pace of human life, now slowly erased by his creation itself.

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Imaji Samar by Abshar Platisza

Imaji Samar

Abshar Platisza, Indonesia


$ 880

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