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Angélica Chavarro Franco

Born: 1976

Hometown: Bogotá

Based in: Bogotá - Colombia

For seven years, the work of artist Angélica Chavarro Franco has been aimed at investigating the relationship between body, mind, and spirit, addressing mindfulness, the dimensions of thought, silence, and the different stages of meditation, among other topics.
In her artworks the artist proposes sensory experiences, showing that the invisible to perception always emerges in states of contemplation, an intimate and personal attempt to promote in others a path to connect with their own essence since she believes that the world needs spirituality.
The artist's creation process has different starting points, which arise through her meditations or in the chance encounter with the matter, the works of art being the result of articulating the most rational and technical dimension with the most subtle spiritual sensitivity. The artist uses a variety of practices and means of production such as painting, drawing, installation, and In Situ intervention, provoking plastic dialogues between fabrics, pigments, texts, and textures on natural fiber fabrics.

Angélica Chavarro is a graduate of the Master's Degree in Plastic Arts from the National University of Colombia. With studies in meditative techniques, yoga, kundalini, tarot, among others. In the most recent stage of his creative process, she found meaning by highlighting his research on the understanding of art as a spiritual act. Since then she has had a special interest in plastically addressing the themes of plenitude, the dimensions of thought and meditation, principles that have allowed him to investigate this intrinsic relationship between art and spirituality.
Her works have been widely exhibited in galleries, art fairs, foundations, and museums.