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Archie Geotina

Hometown: Manila

Based in: Siargao

Archie Geotina (b.1987), also known as Chichimonster, is a Philippine intermedia artist known for his murals, brand collaborations, graphic design, and installations for public and local brands. He is heavily influenced by Philippine street culture.

Born and raised in Manila, he is based in Siargao Island, with roots in Dinagat Island, Surigao Del Norte. Geotina has evolved into an artist reacting to the vibration of the developing world, with rich insight into how new power should and can operate in modern culture. He considers creatives as a new power and the youth always to be the leaders of the world. Growing up in a setting filled with colonial influence, the extreme social disparity in densely-populated areas, and religious undertones, his work challenges the preconceptions of how the media and politics use reductive advertising strategies.