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Carlo Salomoni

Born: 1956

Hometown: Ferrara

Based in: Ferrara

I love dreaming in the daylight, giving life to a surrealism that brings a smile to your face that, just like a medicine, helps us forget the bad in the world. I produce oil paintings, mixed media and acrylics on canvas, wood, paper, terracotta, as well as china drawings, inks, coloured pencils and graphite on paper. My painting originated in the metaphysical realm, in surrealism, Fantasy Art, in magic realism. My paintings and illustrations evoke a world of dreams and locations in which reality and fantasy melt together.

I love to create cycles of different works to guarantee the originality of each individual piece.

I was born in Ferrara, ITALY in 1956.I'm a graduate from the medical faculty with a degree in general surgery, but in 1991 decide to leave the medical activity and becomes a professional artist. I'm self-taught in painting. . I have exhibited in Italy, France, Belgium, Switzerland, USA. For some years I present myself to the public as an independent artist. My paintings are in private collections in Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Luxembourg, Germany, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico.

My wife Angela Teresa Lopez, author of short stories, poems and novels, is often the inspiration behind my creativity.


Carlo Salomoni In The Studio

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More About Carlo Salomoni

Question IconWhat inspires you?

My painting has, more often than not, a narrative character. Each painting is a small story that often continues into the next painting. In this way I give life to pictorial cycles that are always original, never banal and / or repetitive. The stimulus to start can be the most different: a poetic phrase, the test of a song, a form of nature, etc.

Question IconDescribe your creative process.

My paintings represent daydreams. I find it difficult to categorize myself in a pictorial movement, as my painting derives partly from surrealism, metaphysics, partly from magical realism and Fantasy Art. I could almost coin the term for a sui generis pictorial movement, which I would define, Realism of Dream. ( “ DREAM REALISM “)

Question IconWhat is the most important tool when creating your work?

The fundamental encouragement came from my wife who has always my muse.