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Carlos Canet Fortea

Born: 1961

Hometown: Alicante

Based in: Spain

The transformation and evolution of nature are central themes in my work. The observation of a natural space and its subsequent transformation produces new emotions and new perspectives.
My most recent work proposes future natural spaces, based on observation and two central axes: the transformation of nature by human action and the evolution of climatic phenomena.
Starting from decontextualized photographic images, I propose the vision of landscapes where, fictitiously, new technologies partially replace the real world.
In the same way that nature is continuously transformed by elements contributed by man, in my images I introduce elements that alter landscapes, in order to create new -future- natural spaces. The elements that I use are usually other photographs, like a collage, and compact digital masses of color, which function as a contribution to the landscape, and which decontextualize the original image. The use of these digital, abstract and non-photographic masses of color, makes the images have new meaning, and require a new reading and identification on the part of the viewer.
I like to break the limits of photography and create images that conceptualize abstraction and digital media as part of the natural landscape. These works invite the viewer to identify them with known climatic phenomena and landscapes: the cloudy sky, the beach, a storm, the mountains, a swimming pool, fire, winter, etc.
In this way, I want the viewer to react to an invented natural space, and it remains in his memory as a place already visited.
In a time like the present, in which climate change is one of the main problems we face, I want to show a possible vision of natural spaces that, perhaps in the future, will not be entirely real.


Carlos Canet Fortea In The Studio

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Question IconWhat inspires you?


Question IconWhat are 3 words that best describe your work?

vibrant, balanced, optimistic

Question IconWho are some artists that have influenced your work?

Joan Miró, Moholy-Nagy, and and many writers and musicians.

Question IconWhere do you go for inspiration?


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