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Chiyu Uemae

Born: 1920

Hometown: Kyoto

Based in: Japan

UEMAE Chiyu was born in Kyoto in 1920. He was part of the Gutai Group, and created his unique world as an abstract artist. The multilayered square patterns that are repeated in his works would remind us of the “Ichimatsu” patterns found in the wheat brans in Kyoto temples. The beauty of Kyoto was probably etched deeply in his mind during his childhood, and that was probably expressed through Uemae’s own unique pattern.

Although Uemae’s works were his own unique creations, the unique style was adopted based on the atmosphere of Kyoto in which the traditional Japanese sense of beauty is entrenched. Hence, the colours that he used were all traditional Japanese colors and a combination of those colors in accordance with Japanese traditions. Uemae skillfully combined tradition and originality into one style. Uemae continued to work for more than 30 years in a factory in Kobe until he retired at 60.
His experience was similar to another abstract artist by the name of Kuninori Usami, who worked as a technical officer at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Although Uemae’s works are receiving attention as a member of the famous Gutai Group, it is almost guaranteed that his value would not have been any less even if he were not part of the Gutai Group.


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