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Clara Fialho

Born: 1984

Hometown: New York City, NY

Based in: New York City, NY

My work is intended to take the viewer away from the world of thought. Most of the time it is process oriented, sometimes containing elements from dreams. It reveals universal forms, which are believed to be innately present in every human being. I feel the need to show these elements in order to bring them about. They are often the product of a personal disenchantment with the material world around me.

Art, being a reaction to society, has the potential to serve as its mirror, and at the same time, point towards what is behind it, towards what is needed: happiness, unity, freedom, love... Hopefully, depending on one's willingness and aptitude to be guided by their sensations, my work will take one away from what is present in their short-term memories, beyond reason and the frustrations that come from our senseless desire to become independent of each other. Most importantly, it should leave them with something positive.