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Dasha Buben

Born: 1982

Hometown: Minsk

Based in: Warsaw, Poland

Dasha Buben is a Belarusian artist born in 1982 who lives and works in Warsaw, Poland. She graduated from the Belarusian Academy of Arts in Minsk, Belarus and the Academy of Photography in Warsaw, Poland. Through her artistic practice, she explores the modern world and its effects on our feelings.

Through her personal experience and observation of chaotic reality, the artist seeks visual and metaphorical connections between the objective world and the psyche. She is concerned with states associated with emotional pain, depression, loneliness, fear, entropy, and a woman's experience of these states.

The main focus of her abstract painting is color, which is both a code for feelings and at the same time provokes new ones depending on the perception of the viewer. She uses photography and painting to create new projects. For these photographs, she captures the objective world created by humans that acts as a metaphor for feelings.