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Deepa Khanna Sobti

Born: 1969

Hometown: Singapore

Based in: Singapore

I am a Singaporean artist, poet and philanthropist. I write a unique poem for every painting that I make and both the painting and the poem are exhibited together. My art style is abstract expressionist and I only use oil paints as a medium and only palette knife as tools. My work is multilayered, using bright colors and a unique blend of contrasting light against dark.

The biggest inspiration for my work is nature and the processes of corrosion and erosion, which produce unbelievable abstractions and dramatic stories as the natural pigments, and materials blend and lose themselves in each other.

I use only a palette knife since it is held differently from a brush or a pen or pencil, which due to repetitive use, unconsciously move towards already learned shapes and forms from memory. The palette knife draws more on spontaneity and pushes me to steer away from all that is known.

I very rarely have a plan or image for the work I start. I ride with whatever comes up without judgment and keep going until it is the eyes and not the mind that finally tell me that a piece is complete.

I look for all overall balance and depth without any semblance of particularized form. My eyes seem to love the color black which inevitably seems to find itself into almost all my paintings.

I like to challenge my mind with more and more intricate color and shape interactions while still striving for overall balance without succumbing to predictability and form.

I have been awarded several global juried awards. I won the Royal Arts Prize, London in 2019. I was selected for the Art Museum Chianciano Italy's Biennale 2015 & 2018 and am selected for the London Biennale 2017 & 2019. I won awards at both these Biennale. I was also a finalist for the Art Gemini Prize UK and a winner of an Honorary Mention at the London International Creative Competition. I won a Recognition Prize by Palm Award, Germany and was shortlisted for the International Emerging Artist Award, Dubai. I have been selected for the prestigious Paris Salon d'Automne 2024.

I have exhibited my work extensively in all over the world with over 50 solo and group exhibitions since 2014. I have four galleries that represent my work on an on-going basis across Europe and Asia.

My art and poetry make a strong suggestion to the viewer to investigate their present experience to realize what reality really is. And to see that the world as it is currently understood, is merely a relative imaginary construct comprising mainly of thought. And that even within that thought construct, there is no separation between the individual and the world he inhabits. And to pave the way for the 'Everything' and the 'Nothing' to shine through the mind. This is the reason my website is called

As my identity of an artist and writer, I hope to be able to bring about a new way of thinking in my viewers. As they see that they as individuals are not separate from the world, not as a religious or spiritual learning, but just from actual investigation, then there is an acceptance of the world which we live in and there is a compassionate sense of universal responsibility.

Since I try to push the viewer to question their most venerate beliefs through a simple investigative prod, the most solid belief, which is in believing that ‘I am a separate, solitary individual in a world that I need protection from’ seems to be questioned for the first time by many. This can then lead to a loosening of all conflict since it is seen that ‘I am not separate from the other or from the world’ and can start a creative and simple, organic process in the mind following the new question – ‘Then who am I?’

As the personal story is slowly let go, there is enormous energy that then comes to the fore available for creativity, compassion, humor, joy and simplicity.

75% profits from my practice are donated to 6 charities that I am closely associated with.


Deepa Khanna Sobti In The Studio

My work is an embodiment of my philosophy of life and I also write poetry to express this along with painting. There are now about 250 poems on my website and each of my paintings is accompanied by a poem written fro that piece.The buyer of the artwork gets the poem as well which is very well appreciated by them

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More About Deepa Khanna Sobti

Question IconWhat inspires you?

The limitless nature of life is my constant inspiration. Beauty is seen everywhere in all I see. Whether it is in nature’s processes in its width or in so called specifics in apparent separate objects, intersecting in the eternal dance of life.

Question IconDescribe your creative process.

My process begins with an uncontrollable admiration and excitement about certain shapes or colours with which I begin to paint. The actual movement of the palette knife, the pressure and the manner of holding it along with the amount of paint and colours chosen are all production of the spontaneous energy of the moment and the painting pretty much paints itself

Question IconWhat are 3 words that best describe your work?

Intense. Fearless. Unique.

Question IconWho are some artists that have influenced your work?

Jean Paul Riopelle

Question IconWhat is the most important tool when creating your work?

Palette Knife

Question IconWhat is the best piece of advice you have been given?

The best advice I have ever received is from raw nature like the sound of birds and the breeze and laughter of children.

Question IconWhere do you go for inspiration?

The mystery of life is unbounded all around us. Each object or event literally comes to life as we perceive it and each perception has an inner aliveness, intricacy and beauty. So I would say, it’s impossible not to be inspired by life’s unending bounty ever.

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MBA from Institute of Management Technology

India, 1990


Selected for Paris Salon d’Automne 2024


Woman Art Award 2022, MUSA International with UNICEF, Paris


Woman Art Essence Award, Labo Gallery, Berlin


Shortlisted for Wirksworth Art Festival Online Art Prize, UK


Contemporary Art Curator Mag – Collector’s Vision Int’l Art


Woman Art Award, MUSA International with UNICESCO, Italy


Special Mention for Excellence, Chianciano Biennale, Italy


Palm Art Award, WHOIS Publisher Prize, Germany


Special Mention for excellence, London Art Biennale


Winner of Royal Art Prize, London


Prize Jubilee of Mercy, Rome


Recognition Prize, Palm Art Germany


Honorary Mention, London International Creative Competition



Woman Art Essence, Labo Gallery

Germany, 2023

Woman Art Award 2022

France, 2022

Parallex Art Fair

United Kingdom, 2022

Abbey Road Gallery

United Kingdom, 2022

Gather at W3 Gallery

United Kingdom, 2022

Chronos Group Exhibition, São Paulo

Brazil, 2022

Audi Showroom, New Delhi

India, 2021

DLF Emporia Mall, Delhi

India, 2021

Shibuya Train Station

Japan, 2020

Woman Art Award (UNICEF)

Italy, 2020

Affordable Art Fair

Hong Kong, 2019

London Art Biennale

United Kingdom, 2019

Gagliardi Gallery group show

United Kingdom, 2019

Clio Art Fair

United States of America, 2018

Chianciano Biennale Chianciano Museum

Italy, 2018

Am I Just A Thought Solo Show at Galleries Pall Mall

United Kingdom, 2018

Winner Of Royal Art Prize Solo Show - Royal Opera Gallery

United Kingdom, 2017

London Art Biennale

United Kingdom, 2017

Formless Within Form- Substation Gallery

Singapore, 2016

Spectrum Miami

United States of America, 2016

Affordable Art Fair

Singapore, 2016

Chianciano Biennale Chianciano Museum

Italy, 2016

Carousal De Lourve

France, 2015

Walton Fine Arts Group Show

United Kingdom, 2015

Paks Museum and Gallery

Austria, 2015

Art Apart Fair

Singapore, 2014