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Diana Timchenko

Born: 1987

Hometown: Vladivostok

Based in: Saint-Peterburg

I am Diana Timchenko and I am an oil painting artist. During her school years, she studied at the Art School of Arts. Then she graduated from the Architectural Institute in Vladivostok, Russia. She also trained at The University of the Arts London. My education gave me a structure and a foundation, a clear intention that I want to devote my life to art.

I am a passionate admirer of floral art. In my works, you will find floral and plant motifs. I often paint girls with flowers, I think that flowers in women's hands are an adornment that can emphasize beauty, convey mood and energy.

This is my way of expressing myself, in each girl I put my emotions, which I am experiencing at a given moment. I choose unusual, closed angles, where the faces of the girls are not too open. I do this on purpose, so that the viewer can find himself in my works. The format of my work is multi-format, but most of all I like painting on large canvases.

Before becoming a full-time artist, she worked in sales for an interior boutique for 10 years. I work both under an individual order and have my own online store I work with a clothing designer and soon a joint collection of clothes with my floral print will be released.

Studying the works of artists who are represented in your gallery, I understand that my paintings fit the style of your online gallery, so I would like to cooperate with your online gallery.

Behind my shoulders, there are several exhibitions in Russia. My paintings are in private collections of famous people in show business.


Diana Timchenko In The Studio

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More About Diana Timchenko

Question IconWhat are 3 words that best describe your work?

Purposeful, easy, happy

Question IconWhat is the most important tool when creating your work?

Enjoy what you do. My main value is freedom and pleasure

Question IconWhere do you go for inspiration?

I am traveling. A change of scenery and place is important to me.