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Dmitri Wright

Hometown: Greenwich, CT

Based in: Greenwich, CT

How the label of an abstract impressionist came to be a settled description of my
current and past work.
In seeking to expand on the legacy bequeath to me by my mentors, I looked to honor the
the foundation of their different traditions by bringing them forward in my own way.
The impressionist was inspired by the industrial revolution with its speed and convenience
of pre-made paints and new colors, along with advanced modes of transportation, and new
ways of capturing what they saw now with the camera, and then the beginnings of cultural
sharing with Asia.
Our transportation today takes us deep into the oceans and out far beyond into planetary
travel, with cameras morphing into electron microscopes to the Hubble telescope bringing
back unimaginable images. With globalization, distant cultures are now co-mingling in real
time and space, and also virtually. One cannot help but be influenced. This expansive path
from a hunting, agrarian, industrial to now technological age will only speed up.
While some artists look to reflect the ideology of their culture, others look to predict the
future. Yet here my work of the past decades speaks of my experience of being surrounded
by nature


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