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Doina Vieru

Born: 1978

Hometown: Kishinev

Based in: Ecuador

Born in 1978 in Moldova, Doïna Vieru, has always preferred step passionately the image to the word and all this despite crises of bartlébysme. Between "I would prefer not to", pencils, papers, pvc or metal and other sharp instruments, the game remains his eternal favorite.

After studying at the Chisinau Art Academy and ENSBA Paris, she left Europe for Ecuador where she developed her own artistic language between mountains and jungle. Her return to 2019 in Paris is marked by an event-hanging at the Nesle gallery where she will present drawings on the three levels of the gallery.

Her work, which has been exhibited regularly in Ecuador, Mexico, France, Romania and Moldova, still deals with the inexpressible. It’s a kind of hide-and-seek game, to say and shut up. Her production is serial: she paints on herself, on her pregnancies, to the rhythm of Tchaikovsky's Opus 35 or in the melomaniac search for black.

In the last series of drawings it is a question of hiding and destroying poetry by freely playing on large photographic paper with layers-history - palimpsests - superimposed where unintelligible writing mixes with charcoal, ink, with white acrylics and black stone. It is the rewriting of the disaster, a direct reference to the work of Maurice Blanchot: "When all is said, what remains to be said is the disaster, ruin of speech, failure in writing, rumor that murmurs: this which remains without remainder. "