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Elena Soroka

Hometown: Tashkent

Based in: Moscow

I am researching a woman’s self-awareness, formed through the prism of stereotypes and prejudices that were developed in society. I compare behavior deviation from expected patterns to a glitch effect. Glitch art opposes the digital culture promoting an ideal transmission of the image. The glitch is an inconsistency in the information expected. Social glitch is self-expression through violation of programmed standing orders.

I express the glitch effect through the Central Asian ikat ornament. An ornament is a visual projection of a society. And for me personally it is endowed with special meanings because I grew up in Tashkent, and oriental ornament is part of my aesthetics.


2018 - The State Academic Art Institute named after V.I.Surikov,
Faculty of Painting, Moscow, Russia

2008 - The State University of Management, MBA IT (Master of Business
Administration in Information Technology), Moscow, Russia

2001 - The State University,
Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, department Economic Cybernetics, Voronezh, Russia


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