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Francesco D'Adamo

Born: 1979

Hometown: Siena

Based in: Bologna

Painter and musician, Francesco D’Adamo was born in Siena, Italy in 1979. In 2006 he moved to Bologna, where painting came back as a constant and fundamental presence in his life and over time gradually became his main activity. The following years saw his first exhibitions in the city and the participation at various art fairs and events over Europe and Asia. This first decade of painting research and experimentation brought on Francesco the interest of collectors and art lovers from all over the world and culminated in the prominent solo exhibitions Chimere (2017), Discanto (2018) and Dyssomnia (2019, Hong Kong). These first ten years of work came together in the book “Decade,” published in 2021.

His painting research is rooted in the Italian informalism and American abstract expressionism, with particular emphasis to a continuous dialogue between visual and musical language. The sign and its rhythm, layered surfaces, a strong palette and the use of different techniques, they all flow together to create a lyrical and yet deeply concrete image.


Francesco D'Adamo In The Studio

A revelation, or at least its premonition, is what should manifest in every painting.

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More About Francesco D'Adamo

Question IconWho are some artists that have influenced your work?

Afro Basaldella, Alberto Burri, Mario Sironi, De Kooning, Boccioni.

Question IconWhat is the most important tool when creating your work?

Time, for sure. In a proper space.

Question IconWhere do you go for inspiration?

In the same place where I could lose it: my studio.

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Alma Mater Bologna

Italy, 2010


Biennale Soliera, Young Artist 1st Prize



Dyssomnia solo exhibition

Hong Kong, 2019

Discanto solo exhibition

Italy, 2018

Chimere solo exhibition

Italy, 2017