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Irina Zhunaeva

Born: 1984

Hometown: Moscow

Based in: Moscow

Art is, in my opinion, the most peaceful and most transformative way to communicate on a human level. It reminds us of what is really important and has the ability to overcome any barriers in communication. Art for me is beauty, being in the present moment, unity with one's own essence.
I have always been attracted to the realistic tradition as a powerful method of visual communication. Sometimes my paintings start as a reaction to something that touched me in my surroundings, other times it starts with an idea or concept that goes through a series of sketches until it turns into a final picture. Watercolor has become my favorite technique as the personification of modernity in its mobility, speed, freedom and courage.
I am from Russia. During my works i strive to show the harmony and beauty of the world which we live in, capture the miracle of everyday life through the beauty of simple things. My inspiring models are fruits, vegetables, berries, flowers as gifts of nature and insects that express a life itself, a movement, in combination with beautiful things and materials created by man such as glass, metal, fabrics, delightful patterns. I received a full classical arts education. First i graduated from the art school, and then The Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry with honors as an artist of monumental and decorative art. An integrated approach to studying at the university played an important role in my becoming as an artist. My teachers followed to the classical academic school's traditions with zeal. As a student, I mastered many different techniques - watercolor, egg tempera, oil and glue painting. I practiced a lot in copying paintings in museums for studying the school of old masters. So I soaked up different traditions of the past, which became the foundation for my further creativity. I work in an ancient technique of wet watercolor, which traces its history back to ancient frescoes. Watercolor painting is done on a sheet of paper moistened on the reverse side and lying on a damp cloth. I use only eco-friendly and renewable materials: 100% cotton watercolor paper and professional watercolor paints. It is painted on textured watercolor paper 300 gr / m2, cotton 100%, medium grain, acid free with professional watercolor paints.
I see art as a process, a continuous search and introspection. I hope that some of my searches for meaning and beauty will resonate with the audience.


Irina Zhunaeva In The Studio

My studio is a place of power. Here I am inspired and filled with the desire to create every piece of my space. Ideas and their implementation are born here. Here is my world, which plunges me into its depths and entire universes.

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More About Irina Zhunaeva

Question IconWhat inspires you?

Nature is the main source of my inspiration. During my works i strive to show the harmony and beauty of the world which we live in, capture the miracle of everyday life through the beauty of simple things. My inspiring models are fruits, vegetables, berries, flowers as gifts of nature in combination with beautiful things created by man.

Question IconDescribe your creative process.

My work process depends on what kind of objects has been chosen. In general, everything begins with a plan in my head and small sketches with the search for composition, colour solutions, after then I stage a scene. Creating my artwork I begin working on the cardboard of the future watercolour. On the cardboard, I absolutely complete the drawing and transfer it to a watercolour sheet. I try to have time to do as much as possible from nature and then complete working by memory, use my sketches and photos.

Question IconWhat are 3 words that best describe your work?

Nature, beauty, peace

Question IconWhat is the most important tool when creating your work?

When creating my work my most important tool is watercolor and of course water itself

Question IconWhat is the best piece of advice you have been given?

The best advice which I have ever been given was: “Be always in a moment, in a present inspite of all! When you in a present the truth is pouring through your hands”

Question IconWhere do you go for inspiration?

For inspiration I go to my native town. I grew up in a place of amazing natural beauty surrounded by majestic pine trees and meadows on the river bank near a lake with a sandy beach. Since childhood, I have admired this beautiful nature and learned to embody my impressions and feelings on paper.

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The Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry

Russia, 2007


1st place in nomination "still life" in "Russian art week"


1st place in the category "still Life" in "Talent of Russia"


1st place in "Art Weeks and Plein Air", Italy


2nd place in "Watercolorium", Russia


Winner "VIZart International Watercolor Biennale", Albania



The Watercolor International Exchange Exhibition "Russia-China"

China, 2022

"World of High Watercolor"

Russia, 2021

"We are together"

Russia, 2020

"1st International Watercolor Grand Masters Exhibition" at IWS Sare Gallery Exhibition"

Russia, 2019

"Art Weeks and Plein Air"

Italy, 2019


Russia, 2019

"World of High Watercolor"

Russia, 2019

"Russian art week"

Russia, 2019

"Talent of Russia"

Russia, 2019

"1st International Watercolor Festival of IWS Czech Republic"

Czechia, 2018

"VIZart International Watercolor Biennale 2017"

Albania, 2017

"The 2nd International watercolour Society India Biennale 2017 "Harmony through watercolour 2017""

India, 2017


publication in the catalog "The Watercolor International Exchange Exhibition "Russia-China""


publication in the catalog "World of High Watercolor"


publication “ Two approaches to still lifes” in the art magazine for watercolourists "The Art Of Watercolour" 36th issue


publication in the catalog "World of High Watercolor"


publication in the Italian catalog Fabriano in Acquarello