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Isabelle Pelletane

Born: 1969

Hometown: Poitiers

Based in: French

Born in Paris aera, Isabelle lives and works in Poitiers, France.
Studies academic in psychology, before launching into the artistic research, in self-taught, under a sensitive and abstract, urban meaning angle.
Isabelle works the pictorial material, with assured, dynamic, spontaneous.
Everything is in the act to paint, the physical investment is total.
We could find her works in privates collections in France, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, China, Taïwan, United Arab Emirates, United States, Russia ...
All my artworks are @ADAGP copyright.


Isabelle Pelletane In The Studio

main image

More About Isabelle Pelletane

Question IconWhat inspires you?

love, freedom, peace, spirituality and nature is a great source of inspiration

Question IconDescribe your creative process.

I meditate before each work session, in order to draw the necessary energy from within me, then I let myself be guided

Question IconWhat are 3 words that best describe your work?

colorful, energies, mouvements

Question IconWho are some artists that have influenced your work?

Jackson Pollock, Monet, Joan Mitchell

Question IconWhat is the most important tool when creating your work?

my littles spoons, my brushes

Question IconWhat is the best piece of advice you have been given?

Stay Yourself, Paint With Your Heart

Question IconWhere do you go for inspiration?

in nature, near the sea, on an island, in the city

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Collaboration Eden Park Trophee

France, 2023

Azur Gallery, "Way to love" (solo), SPA

Belgium, 2022


France, 2022

Copelouzos Familly Art Museum, "35x35 project", Permanent collection, ATHENS

Greece, 2021

Art contemporary Space Le Bloc, (group), POITIERS

France, 2021

Azur Gallery, "Abstract Energy" (solo), SPA

Belgium, 2020

André & Léon Gallery, "Isabelle Pelletane", POITIERS

France, 2019

Rockarchive Gallery, (trio) AMSTERDAM

Netherlands, 2019

Kvadart Gallery, NOVOSSIBIRSK

Russia, 2019

Art Up Deco Gallery, PARIS & LYON

France, 2019

arts2be Gallery, "Abstract Energy" (solo) , WAVRE

Belgium, 2019

Space Creation Gallery, "Power Flower" (solo), SABLES - D' OLONNE

France, 2018


Russia, 2018

"EXPO 4  ART", contemporary art fair, PARIS

France, 2018

arts2be Gallery, "Winter" (Group), WAVRE

Belgium, 2018

Art Up Deco Gallery (Permanently), PARIS, LYON

France, 2017

arts2be Gallery (Solo), WAVRE

Belgium, 2017

arts2be Gallery (Group), WAVRE

Belgium, 2017

Art Up Deco Gallery , PARIS, LYON

France, 2016

Artist Residency & exhibition "Venice Art House" (Group), VENICE

Italy, 2016

Carré d’Artistes Gallery, BARCELONA

Spain, 2016

Open Art Gallery, DIJON

France, 2016

"Marché des Arts" (Group), ORLEANS

France, 2016

Contemporary International Art Fair "ART 3F", MULHOUSE

France, 2015

Big Abordable Art Fair, "La Bellevilloise", PARIS

France, 2015

Carré d’Artistes Gallery, AMSTERDAM

Netherlands, 2014

Open Art Gallery, DIJON

France, 2014

LB13 Gallery (Solo), LIMOGES

France, 2014

Artist Residency & exhibition (Solo), "L’Ecloserie", LA FLOTTE EN RE

France, 2014

Open Art Gallery, DIJON

France, 2013

Le Hang’Art Gallery, NIORT

France, 2013

Centrum Sw. Jana (Group), GDANSK

Poland, 2013

Ausstellung im Kunsthaus Reitbahn 3 (Group), ANSBACH

Germany, 2012

Le Hang’Art Gallery, NIORT

France, 2012

Open Art Gallery, DIJON

France, 2012

Croissant Gallery, Studio DVO (Group), BRUXELLES

Belgium, 2012

Le Hang’Art Gallery, NIORT

France, 2011

Carré d’Artistes Gallery, PARIS 6°

France, 2011

Contemporary Art Space Le Radar, BAYEUX

France, 2010

Art Circuit Gallery, RENNES

France, 2008

Shenzhen Museum (Group), SHENZHEN

China, 2007

Canopy Space, "Abstract month" (Group), PARIS

France, 2007

Plural Arts Center, "Synchronicités" (Group), ETTELBRUCKS

Luxembourg, 2006

1° Station Gallery, "Franco-Brazilian Abstraction" (Group), PARIS

France, 2005


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