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Jaroslaw Filipek

Born: 1963

Hometown: Izabelin

Based in: Poland

Jarosław FIlipek

Born in 1963. He studied architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology and the University of Detroit in the USA. He studied painting at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in the studios of Franciszek Maśluszczak, Andrzej Bieńkowski and Jacek Sempoliński.
An admirer of Belgian beers, Burgundian wines and regional European cuisine. Organizer of private music concerts - collaborates with young Polish jazz musicians. He lives and works in Izabelin in the Kampinos Forest and in the Andalusian Jerez de la Frontera. Works are carried out in cycles. The fascination with architecture and landscape is especially visible in watercolor painting and drawing.

Work cycles

Noble manor houses are impressions on the subject of traditional landowning construction. From small country mansions to extensive mansions. From buildings in villages and backwater to magnificent complexes surrounded by parks. Always surrounded by greenery.

POLISH LANDSCAPE is a notebook from trips around Poland, painterly memories of places fascinating with their natural beauty. Watercolors full of light and mood. Careful observation of nature at different times of the year.

PUSZCZA KAMPINOSKA is a place where the artist lives and works. A national park with a variety of landscapes: dunes, wetlands, meadows, backwaters and streams. Great oaks. Various climates and seasons are the inspiration for this watercolor series.

ARCHITECTURE alludes to the artist's architectural education. Cities, famous places, but also unique, often hidden, charming buildings and country cottages. Softly painted, impressively, always surrounded by nature. Diverse in mood, just as the time of day and season change.

Artistic credo
A world of changeability and constancy, flickering with light and color, always triggering the imagination. Very personal, evoking associations and experiences that we know only about us, they surround us in a natural way, they envelop us, but at the same time they are simple, easy and easy to assimilate. Light, subdued, alluring with sensuality and sensitivity to color nuances. Images that penetrate us. You can wake up to them, look for solace in them, remember the time that has gone by ...

International fairs and art salons
International Art Fair, Toulouse, France
Accessible Art Fair, Warsaw, Poland
Luxembourg Art Week, Luxembourg
Salon d'art Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France
Brussel Contemporary Art, Brussels, Belgium
Antwerpen Art Fair, Antwerp, Belgium

Exhibitions and exhibitions in Poland, Sweden, Spain, Belgium and France


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