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Jasna Barisic

Born: 1965

Hometown: Zadar

Based in: Zadar

Jasna Barisic is a Croatian visual fine art artist born in Split with her studio in Zadar.
Nature is the greatest source of ideas and eternal inspiration for her – a painter who intuitively feels the wholeness, as well as the inextricable connection between a man and his environment, i.e. the nature that surrounds him.
The main representative of the hers visual expression is the arrangement of recycled materials in an indefinite order, which gives the impression of multidimensional space on the surface. Paintings seem to deliberately have no center; the author creates multiple focal points that generate a merging structure and thus forms a breathable living organic whole. The observer's view does not jump from one point to another, but smoothly flows over the image, resulting in an inexplicable, alluring and hypnotic force. The edges of wooden panels are piled on with precisely arranged round elements, but there is not enough space for all of them. It seems they are budding and growing one on the top of the other, thus introducing the character of sculpturality into the paintings
Since 2000, she has exhibited her work in numerous solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries in Croatia, Italy, France, USA, Greece, Austria and Jordan.
Her works are in several public and private art collections in USA, France, Germany, Jordan, Brasil and Croatia.
Jasna Barisic represented the Republic of Croatia at the International Biennal of Contemporary Art in Florence/Italy , at the Art festival in Chania/Greece, at the United Nations Building in New York within the CA project Connecting People, Connecting Cultures, and the Jordan Art festival in Amman at the invitation of the Ministry of Culture of the Kingdom of Jordan, at Annual exhibition of German artists and guest, Kunstverein Padeborn/Germany.
She was chosen for art residencies, International Biennal Mediteran, in Trogir/Croatia
and Art & Science International Festival, in Patras/Greece.
From 2014 until 2018 she worked on project Manifestations of space, with group of artists for exhibition at the ISLAND Arts Centre, Lisburn/Northern Ireland.
Last solo exhibition of her work „The Metamorphosis of Nature“ have been held in gallery City lodge, exhibition pavilion of National Museum Zadar, Croatia in 2021.
She is a founding member of ConnectingArt, a group of international artists.
She is a member of the Croatian Association of Artists Split and the Croatian Association of Artists Zadar, a prominent organisations dedicated to promoting excellence in the profession of Croatian visual artists.


Jasna Barisic In The Studio

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More About Jasna Barisic

Question IconWhat inspires you?

In my works, I explore themes of the coexistence of man and nature. Nature is my greatest source of ideas and eternal inspiration.

Question IconDescribe your creative process.

In my work, I am focuse on materials and processes, exploring movements of the surface. I use discarded paper that I recycle myself, in the process I model it and apply it to wooden panels, creating rich three-dimensional structures.

Question IconWhat are 3 words that best describe your work?

sculptural, recycling, nature

Question IconWhat is the best piece of advice you have been given?

Never give up and treat yourself and your work honestly.

Question IconWhere do you go for inspiration?

Travelling is an endless source of my inspiration and experience.

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Faculty of Civil Engeenering, Zagreb University.

Croatia, 1991



Croatia, 2023

Metamorphosis of Nature

Croatia, 2022

Metamorphosis of Nature

Croatia, 2021

Ateliers Offene Paderborn

Germany, 2020

Summer salon Nin

Croatia, 2019


United States of America, 2019

40. Split salon - Art of survival

Croatia, 2018

Long cuts

Croatia, 2018

Manifestations of space

United Kingdom, 2018

Ocean Sea

Croatia, 2017

Faces of Earth

Croatia, 2016

Traces in stone

Croatia, 2014

The Mediterranean Cycle or the Feast of the Sun

Croatia, 2011

Art & Science International Festival

Greece, 2010

Jordan International Art Symposium

Jordan, 2009

International Biennal Mediteran

Croatia, 2008

Dialogues, Part I The Elements

Greece, 2007

Connecting people, connecting cultures

United States of America, 2006

Art communicates-across the world

Germany, 2005

Art festival Chania

Greece, 2004

Biennale Internazionale dell´Arte Contemporanea

Italy, 2003

Sings of the times

Italy, 2002

Sings of the times

Croatia, 2001