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Julia Leon

Hometown: Reston

Based in: VA, USA

Julia Leon is an artist specializing in contemporary painting based on nature and imagination.
Julia graduated from the University of Culture and Arts, and took private classes from professional artists around the world. She is thankful that life has given her the opportunity to be educated by the brightest artists and gain inspiration from the greatest masters of all times. These masterpiece paintings challenged and helped her to explore new techniques, achieve her goals and pursuit excellence. Her techniques are influenced by impressionism, expressionism and some classical elements. Essence and emotion are more important than hyper-realistic details. Nature and intuition are among Julia's greatest teachers. She finds inspiration and beauty in moments often missed by modern life.
While Julia’s favorite medium is acrylic, she has been painting with oil, too. Julia starts her creative process with a simple, clean canvas where she tries to imagine patterns, shapes and structural arrangements, allowing them to emerge intuitively--and takes her visual story from there. Julia believes that art is about love and spirit which cannot be fractional; it should be generously shared with the world.
Today, Julia brings life to her canvases, creating paintings inspired by a life-long study of light and color. She paints what she likes, each day, from the heart. The artist likes to show her emotions, feelings, and expressions through her painting working with different colors and compositions. Julia lives and works in Reston, Virginia, USA. Her paintings are part of private collections worldwide.


Julia Leon In The Studio

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” ― Thomas Merton

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More About Julia Leon

Question IconWhat inspires you?

Look at the sky, look at trees, look at the sea, look at a city with 1000s of people, all the different colors and shades, and tones, then make an abstract from them, mountains, hills, skyscrapers and mountains, and hills and seas, it's endless…

Question IconDescribe your creative process.

I see patterns, shapes and structural arrangements, everywhere I look, and get inspired by that. They are in my head and start leading their own lives there. I sketch a lot of patterns and see what looks pleasing, then I play with the paints and see what comes together.

Question IconWhat are 3 words that best describe your work?

Expression, imagination, emotions



State University of Culture and Arts

Russia, 1989


Diploma in Special recognition category, “Alesino in bloom”



Group exhibition "All about life"

Russia, 2019

Art is all around

United States of America, 2018

Group Art exhibition

Russia, 2017


"Sun Gazette" - "New Art"