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Katrina Pallon

Hometown: Manila

Based in: Manila

Katrina Pallon is a visual artist whose strong imagery and conceptual vocabulary inform her distinctive paintings and drawings that utilise a variety of mediums. She has actively exhibited under private art galleries and public group exhibitions in Manila, New York, Singapore, and Japan. She also works as an illustrator and muralist. Pallon has carved a name for herself in the Philippine art scene for her creative pieces that embody the beauty of Pan-Asian culture.

Known for her maximalist style, Katrina's paintings and illustrations reflect her strong affinity for elaborate designs and love for elevating even the simplest of subjects through her meticulous attention to detail. She specializes in portraying cultural hybridism that weave into her telling (and retelling) of folktales spread across the cultures of Asia, which are as vast and diverse as the textures of her paintings. Katrina's works focus on amplifying the voices and truths of women, bridging the time and geography that separate the women in these tales from the present. Her female subjects stand unashamed to recount their stories amidst a backdrop of stunning Asian motifs and exquisite blooms crafted in warm and vivid tones.