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Leah Clough

Born: 1985

Hometown: Hong Kong

Based in: Hong Kong

Leah Clough (b. 1985) is a Hong Kong born drawing artist, whose artwork pays homage to botanical etchings and illustrations. Primarily working in pen and ink she creates intricate drawings that are characterized by their micro detail of lines and floral imagery. Leah uses ordinary gel pens as a drawing tool to capture the exotic and animal side of flowers. With a background degree of Drawing and Applied Arts and a Masters in Fine Art Drawing, she has shown in London, Croatia and Hong Kong.

Leah believes in the artist and the viewer bringing each of their history to the picture, she leaves clues hidden in the drawings for you to find and create your own story. Although a drawing may represent Leah’s own memories or imagination, they are also purposely abstract and mysterious. They possess a dream like quality, which is open to interpretation.


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