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Macarena Salinas Amaral

Born: 1971

Hometown: Santiago

Based in: Santiago, Chile

Macarena Salinas Amaral, studied Art at Catholic University of Chile, with a major in Painting. She had the privilege of having as teachers National Awards such as José Balmes, Eduardo Vilches, Gracia Barrios and, also distinguished artists such as Gonzalo Cienfuegos. She participated for a year in the studio of the artist Eugenio Dittborn, for artists who want to analyze their language in art.
She have done national and international, individual and collective exhibitions in galleries such as Isabel Aninat, Mamia Bretesché, Artium and La Sala.
To expand her artistic work together with painting, she worked in ceramics for 10 years in the Huara Huara Studio, together with the director Ruth Krauskopf, she also works in ceramics sculptures in her own studio.
She have been participated in workshops of international artists like Alberto Bustos, Cristina Córdoba, Shozho Michikawa.
She represented Chile at the 2019 Biennial Revelations in Paris, and participated in the 2019 Korea International Ceramics Biennial.
She participated in the selected participants of CERCO2021 Award exhibition at Spain, Zaragoza.
She is a member of the International Academy of Ceramics IAC.
She participated in Context Miami Art Fair 2022.


Macarena Salinas Amaral In The Studio

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More About Macarena Salinas Amaral

Question IconWhat inspires you?

Inspires me the force of the universe, the nature that always was there to be revealed, the magic of the moment that an idea that was in the mind of the artist goes to a material and start to be a work. Inspires me the mystery of the moment of the artist is working in the sense of what happens in the execution.

Question IconDescribe your creative process.

The creative process insterest me, sometimes I know what I will paint but sometimes I only start and with no think in the process, and let my inner artist slag and manifest, let the brushes work and let the mystery work. Other times I only start with an idea and in the process of the work the material the clay or paintings guides me.

Question IconWhat are 3 words that best describe your work?

Materials, simplicity, escential

Question IconWho are some artists that have influenced your work?

Antoni Tapies, Pablo Picasso, Peter Voulkos, Ruth Krauskopf,

Question IconWhat is the most important tool when creating your work?

My brushes, and in the ceramics my hands or a knife.

Question IconWhat is the best piece of advice you have been given?

The beest advice is not thinking while working, left the mind and let the magic works, the magic of the moment that the works arises, the moment that the accident,

Question IconWhere do you go for inspiration?

When I need inspiration first I go inside of me, or near the nature, the mountain or the lake.

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Huara Huara Studio

Chile, 2013

Concepción Balmes Workshop

Chile, 2005

Eugenio Dittborn Worshop

Chile, 2004

Catholic University of Chile Scool of Art

Chile, 1995


Cerco 2021 ceramic Award


Selected Korea Ceramic International Biennale



Sacred Circles at La Sala Gallery

Chile, 2018

Esscential at Aninat Gallery

Chile, 2010

Origin at Artium Gallery

Chile, 2005