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Marco Santaniello

Born: 1981

Hometown: Cosenza, Calabria

Based in: Cosenza, Calabria in Italy

Marco Santaniello believes that being a Pop (popular) artist means to be very close to the community and people and on the base of all his artworks there’s the idea that we are all the same and there’s beauty everywhere if we have the right mind-set.

He started his path doing Pop Portraits and in front of his “rainbow wall” background everyone can be a superstar. After a while, he, slowly, started to expand the range of his works also thanks to his passion for exploring new places walking all over them – real globetrotter- he started to take pictures of everything that was catching his eye around the streets, especially urban landscapes, so that’s why he started to show the reality of the daily street life seen in first person with his eyes during his copious trips (He lived all over Italy and Milan, London, Seoul, Tokyo, NY, Beijing, HK, Taipei, and travelled most of Europe and other places around the globe).

He practically even tells us – by using Digital tools and printing them on canvas- not to use all these digital technologies and look at the beautiful simple things that surrounds us everyday instead of bending over our “smart” phones,tablets,and so on.

Another area of his works, let's call it satirical, shows his point of views about the world and the problems that affect all of us: society,religions, politics, mass media, governments, etc.

He does unique pieces and editions of 3 and 6 usually. Rarely 10. All his work starts from high definition pictures, working on them with 2 long processes of vectors and colouring with graphic programs, then printed on premium canvas (for galleries/exhibitions/art fairs , but, he also printed on Skateboard, ceramic plates and planning more for the future). He is always in constant evolution in both art and soul. It takes about 150 hours of computer work to make one of his hardest work but sometimes even more!

He held his first Museum Solo Exhibition in the Yiwu City Museum in 2017 in China .The year before, he also did his first important collaboration with a fashion brand, Belstaff UK, for Milan Design Week “FUORISALONE) in april 2016 and he has been one of the annual artist master of Art Revolution Taipei 2017 in april at World Trade Center and He has been invited there every year since then.

He’s currently represented by galleries and agents in South Korea,Mexico,China,Brazil.


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