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Mimi Kunz

Born: 1986

Hometown: Bietigheim-Bissingen

Based in: Brussels, Belgium

How do we see that a couple is in love? How do we recognise a friend in a crowd? The way we walk is like a hand-writing, the way we hold ourselves a signature.

Mimi Kunz is a visual artist and poet who explores the body as our mother tongue and movement as a universal expression of liveliness.

Her fascination with body language developed during a year spent working in Thailand. She didn’t know Thai at first, and was amazed by how much we can share through gestures and postures. ‘Put the mind in the body’, a Buddhist monk told her, an advice which shaped her life and art.

In minimalist ink paintings she opens the borders between abstraction and figuration, text and image, lines and bodies.

During her studies at the State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe, Germany, Mimi found her way of painting, sitting on the floor with calligraphy brushes, ink and paper, capturing the essence of moments to share their lightness and joy. It has been 12 years since she started to transcribe movements into ink, and her paintings are in private collections across all continents. Her visual artwork as well as her writing were shaped by exhibitions and residencies in South Korea and Vietnam, where it was supported by the Goethe Institut Hanoi and Undecided Productions. Her writing has been shortlisted for the Bridport Prize and nominated for a Pushcart Prize.


Mimi Kunz In The Studio

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More About Mimi Kunz

Question IconWhat inspires you?

People, interactions, love, dance

Question IconWhat are 3 words that best describe your work?

essence, lightness, movement

Question IconWhat is the most important tool when creating your work?


Question IconWhat is the best piece of advice you have been given?

"Put the mind in the body", a Buddhist monk once told me

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Project Scholarship Award of the county Baden-Württemberg


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