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Nico Baixas / Gos-com-fuig

Born: 1971

Hometown: Barcelona

Based in: Spain

Nico Baixas / Gos-com-fuig is a creative interdisciplinary artist from Barcelona. He started performing in theater at three years of age with his parent's company La Claca whose most important work was a collaboration with the famous painter Joan Miró. Surrounded by an ambient of artistic freedom, Nico spent most of his childhood in art museums and theaters of the five continents when he resolves to pursue an artístic career, studying music, working in cinema and acting. On his mother's side, his grandparents were deaf and spoke sign language, Nico inherited a special talent with his hands creating a unique style of virtuoso hand puppet performances. After joining Cirque du Soleil his work is acclaimed by audiences and critics of major cities like New York, Tokyo, Paris, London, Rome... Aside from his career as an actor and hand puppeteer, Nico develops a more personal line of work which he signs as Gos-com-fuig. With this alter ego he uses his hands and body to paint and create abstract and figurative photographs, videos, sculptures, and multimedia performances which give the viewer lots of freedom of interpretation. This body of work started with a collection of all the shapes that can be created with two hands which are formed by one thousand shapes organized in order. The project received the grant GENERACIONES 07 and was presented at the art fair ARCO (Madrid). Afterward, continued with a photographic exhibition, the publication of a book, and the development of a multimedia system composed of a computer program and video cameras which allowed him to paint using his hands and body.