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Nina Narimanishvili

Born: 1999

Hometown: Tbilisi

Based in: Tbilisi, Georgia

Nina Narimanishvili is a Georgian artist born in 1999 who lives and works in Tbilisi, Georgia. Nina has been painting since childhood and over time her interest in art has grown. She initially started working on acrylic canvas, however it became interesting for Nina to use different techniques, working with mixed media on handmade paper which she makes herself and creates new textures. When you ask her what does art mean for her, she will answer: “Art is process and without it cannot imagine myself. My source of inspiration is people with their own expressed or unexpressed emotions. I like to present everything as if there are no set parameters and I focus on the part that I think is important to me. Not fascinating, I paint beautifully! It is important to draw something that is not so beautiful, but to wrap it up as an aesthetic part. Everything I see in my imagination is transformed and I involuntarily think of arranging everything the way I want.”