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Pang Yongjie

Born: 1968

Hometown: Shandong

Based in: Beijing

Born 1968 in Shandong, China, currently lives and works in Beijing, China.

Pang Yongjie’s signature style of abstract, fluid female figures in his paintings and sculptures has become his trademark. The inspiration for his corpulent figures is drawn from the aesthetic of mid-Tang dynasty ideals of beauty – of a full, round body shape reflective of the era’s increased wealth and prosperity. To the viewers, this unique style is light and effortless, yet full of depth and intimacy.

In his early work, Pang Yongjie found traditional folk art a constant source of inspiration and, with the use of strong forms, colours, volumes and lines, he expressed the intrinsically gentle shapes of women - with curvaceous breasts and hips, bright lips on round placid faces, reminiscent of the famous Tang beauties. As his art evolves from decorative folk art combined with traditional Chinese painting techniques and a visual colour study found in Western painting, the structure of his work reveals a continuous refinement, using simple lines and forms to express the complex relationship between the space and the object - continuity between flat and cubist shapes, defining lines and swathes of muted colour. In Pang’s works, the object does not always appear in its entirety, rather he allows the frame to “break the integrity” of the figure/object, allowing for greater relational flexibility between the lines of the object and the surrounding space. Accordingly, each character takes on a unique position within the arrangement of complex layers of space. Pang's stainless steel femalesque sculptures display the visual power of lines while exploring the tensional effect of the volume – keeping the intimacy and interaction with their surroundings.

Pang Yongjie studied oil painting and Chinese ink and watercolour at the Central Academy of Fine Arts and Shandong Normal University. His works have been widely exhibited across China, in several Asian countries, and in the USA, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France. Pang’s works are found in several private and public collections in Asia and Europe including The Zibo Museum (China), the Museum Würth (Germany) and the Radisson Blu Hotel Group. There is a robust secondary market for the artist’s works with specialists such as Christie’s Amsterdam; JSL Auction Co. Ltd.; Beijing Hanhai Auction Co. Ltd.; Beijing Poly International Auction Co. Ltd. And Zhong Cheng Auctions.




Explorations in Color

Hong Kong, 2022