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Paul Stein

Born: 1956

Hometown: Cape Town

Based in: Cape Town

Paul Stein was born in South Africa in 1956 , and lives and works out of his studio in Cape Town. He works in the medium of metal and mixed media sculpture, and his works are in collections both in South Africa and abroad.


Paul Stein In The Studio

Give a suggestion , and let the imagination fill in the rest.

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More About Paul Stein

Question IconWhat inspires you?

Many things. Seed pods ,contemporary design, the human figure as an abstract form, computer generated forms, a pleasing collection of boulders on the shoreline.

Question IconDescribe your creative process.

My current interest is in bringing the human figure to life as a collection of abstract shapes. Let the imagination fill in the rest.

Question IconWhat are 3 words that best describe your work?

Colourful, bold, linear

Question IconWho are some artists that have influenced your work?

Calder, Brancusi, Bertoa

Question IconWhat is the most important tool when creating your work?

There are a few on the technical side, welders etc, but the mind , when motivated is the tool.

Question IconWhat is the best piece of advice you have been given?

Its the end result that matters. The artwork must have solid technical skills in its execution, but the viewer is not really interested in how many hours you put into it. Its the connection with the viewer that ultimately matters

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