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Pavel Rogatov

Born: 1995

Hometown: Moscow

Based in: Grenoble

In every stroke of my oil paintings, there is a hidden dialogue between the innocent playfulness of a child's fantasy and the encrypted complexity of the modern world. My art explores the abstractions of the information age, where reality is distorted by technology, mixing myths and scientific discoveries into a mosaic of absurdity. I create not just images, but entire worlds where each fragment has a symbolic meaning. In these worlds filled with bright colors and dynamic shapes, the plots are devoid of a specific appearance, they can hide in bizarre monsters or transitions of paint. My work is an attempt to find answers to how in the digital age we perceive an increasingly abstract world and how virtual battles shape our reality. Through the fragmentation of reality and its abstract reconstruction, I strive to reveal the hidden layers of being, plunging into the depths of consciousness and presenting a complex picture of modernity.


More About Pavel Rogatov

Question IconWhat inspires you?

I'm inspired by how technology intertwines with human experience, shaping the psychology of our digital era. My art combines innocent whimsy with modern abstraction, exploring reality. I am inspired by the themes of the absurd and mysticism

Question IconWhat are 3 words that best describe your work?

Abstract, contemplative, and technologically-inspired.

Question IconWhere do you go for inspiration?

two things inspire me: nature and virtuality. I live in a small town surrounded by the French Alps. I often walk there. it allows me to reflect. also, for inspiration, I immerse myself in the world of social networks, news, etc. this counter-channel is about nature and technology



Rodchenko School of Photography and Multimedia

Russia, 2021

Russian Academy of Painting Sculpture and Architecture

Russia, 2020


“Semailles” gallery Xavier Jouvin, Grenoble

France, 2023

Passerelle des Arts / Mollins de villancourt, Echirolles

France, 2023

Un site du double regarde / Chateau de Sassenage, Grenoble

France, 2023

E2E2 / Exhibition center “Whaler’s house” / Kaliningrad

Russia, 2022