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Rina Garon

Born: 1985

Hometown: Tashkent

Based in: Uzbekistan

Rina Garon is a contemporary artist who develops and explores her painting technique based on color inversion. Combining traditional watercolor with digital art, the artist redefines the principles of painting by transforming colors into their reverse meanings, combining different components to create a specific color set in the positive of the drawing, and reflecting the idea of the artwork in its negative. Using computer manipulation, the artist breaks the primary physical order of paint layers visible to the eye on paper, and transforms the ratio between plane and space in the drawing, giving it a new depth, a new truth of perception in the digital format. The artist unites all her works by the common name "El Arte Diurno y Nocturno", drawing an analogy with the mysterious inner world of each person, invisible to others, colorful bright in its emotions, and beautiful in its imperfection.

Rina Garon was born in 1985 in Uzbekistan, in the sunny city of Tashkent, where more than a hundred nations, cultures, and religions coexisted peacefully. The artist has Caucasian roots. This contrast of cultures has built a strong bond in the artist's self-definition. It is a deep connection between different ethnicities, her historical roots, and her personal experience.

From an early age, she expressed her feelings through painting. She received an art education and after graduating from the School of the Arts and the National Institute of Art and Design in her hometown, she co-founded «2MORROW» airbrush studio. For many years, in a creative tandem, she has implemented different art projects on to murals, painting walls, ceilings, furniture, and glass. She worked with different materials, large formats, and graphic programs. Collaborated with local design studios and furniture companies, developing airbrushing as a modern and new form of art for her city at the time.

In 2015 Life-changing events happened in the artist's life. This period was an important stage, filled with external and internal searches and also profound introspection. The artist has always been concerned about the inner spiritual development of a person, blurring the boundaries of differences between nationalities, religions, traditions, and names, bringing to the forefront his self, his real desires and needs, hidden behind rules, norms of behavior, fears and imposed beliefs.

In 2020, experimenting with different mediums, Rina Garon began to develop her own painting technique, which reflects her spiritual quest to the maximum extent possible. The artist speaks about what concerns her, through figurative or abstract images, but always through the work with color. In her artworks, she reflects on the value of life, the beauty of this world, rebirth, the attainment of inner freedom, the acceptance of oneself, and the unconditional love of man for oneself.


Rina Garon In The Studio

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More About Rina Garon

Question IconWhat inspires you?

Spiritual development, introspection

Question IconDescribe your creative process.

For me, the act of painting is deeply nourishing to my Faith. It allows me to explore and connect with my inner self, drawing on the most vibrant hues found within. During the moments of creative flow, I sense the very existence of my soul, observing as it blends together the colors of my emotions on the palette before me. Pain and joy, hate and passion - each shade combining to create a unique expression of life. It's endlessly intriguing to contemplate the myriad of colors that still lie undiscovered within me.

Question IconWhat are 3 words that best describe your work?

Bright, multicolored, detailed

Question IconWhat is the most important tool when creating your work?

Music, traditional watercolor, digital devices

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Kamoliddin Bekhzod National Institute of Art and Design. Faculty of Fine Arts. Bachelor's Degree

Uzbekistan, 2008

School of the Arts No.1. Diploma Thesis Work. Examinations disciplines: drawing, painting, composition, and art history.

Uzbekistan, 2003


Grand Prix of Youth Poster Contest (genre graphics)


Third Place Finalist In The Youth Social Poster Competition



«NFT-Tree: 2022» by Nikas Safronov. Large-scale international charitable NFT project.

Russia, 2022

The Youth Social Poster Contest. Organized by the Academy Of Arts Of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan, 2008

The Youth Social Poster Competition. Organized by The Academy Of Arts Of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan, 2007