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Sandra Shashou

Hometown: London

Based in: London

Sandra’s work confronts the human condition, the emotions, and the experiences that we all share. The antique porcelain objects are no longer for drinking or pouring. There has been a transformation, and they are now valued for their varied shapes, colours and the order in which they have been placed. They balance uncertainly and at challenging angles. The Towers of reengineered pots, jugs, cups, saucers and flowers create a juxtaposition between the physical and emotional. They stand tall, full of colour and optimism. Yet, there is an underlying fragility that questions what is going on. The work conceptualises a lived experience to connect with the viewer and provoke hidden feelings we may share.

In recent years, Shashou has exhibited in London, Paris, Beirut, Geneva, Gstaad, St Tropez, Dallas, Miami, New York, and Venice. She has been shown in Art Elysees, Art Beirut, Art Palm Beach, Art Miami, Art Southampton New York, Armoury Antiques New York, Sotheby’s, Christie’s and Phillips. She has been commissioned for site-specific public sculptures in the USA, Europe, and the UK. Her work is included in several important private collections.