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Sergio Bazan

Born: 1962

Hometown: MIAMI

Based in: Miami

Sergio Bazan was born in Buenos Aires in 1962. He was artistically trained in the drawing and painting workshop of Juan Carlos Distéfano and participated in the Kuitca Scholarship offered by Fundación Antorchas.

The axis of his works is in the musical representation, through staves, notes, album covers, and images of musicians.

Since 1991, he has exhibited individually with outstanding exhibitions such as: “Black Market”, at the Recoleta Cultural Center; “Meninas”, in Espacio Giesso; “Paintings in the Mun”, in the Mun Gallery; “Arts and media”, at the Torcuato Di Tella University; “Mussorgsky”, at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Bahía Blanca, among others.

He obtained the Constantini 99 awards, MNBA; “Arte/30/Basel”, Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts Gallery, Basel; “Books from the End of the World,” The Art Institute of Chicago; Art BA 99, Fairgrounds of Palermo.

His work is part of outstanding art collections around the world and is documented in numerous books and catalogs of individual and collective expo-fusions.


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