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Seungyean Cho

Hometown: Seoul

Based in: Seoul

Seungyean Cho received her Master's Degree from Rochester Insititute of Technology. Her abstract paintings that often consist of subtle layered washes, rough improvisational geometry, and spatial lines have been shown at art fairs and featured in art platforms.

"My art works are crossing the space between surface and space, conscious and subconscious, soul and matter, energy and vulnerability. In the space between, there are lines which have their own sound and space. I often restrict the color palette to black, blue, or brown and explore delicate changes in one pigment. The color of black is profound, elusive, unreal, but exceedingly real. Black has a very attractive space that no other color has. I always feel the creative moment to be aware of my presence. During that moment, I can remember something that I have forgotten, I can forget something I have remembered."


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New in Artworks: April

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