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Simon Bures

Born: 1993

Hometown: Ostrava

Based in: Poznań

In Bureš´s works there is always the impression of the space. Not integrating space as a part of an illusion but also considering the space as a working area. Work is always at the edge somewhere between sculpture or object and painting. Somewhere between two and three dimensions. There is a direct relationship in between his works and his point of view on selected theme. In his early works he worked with his congenital visual defect, where some of the colors just simply disappear. In other words, an attempt to liberate colors. In later works, more specifically in monochromatic paintings, we see his questioning colors. Is this particular shade as it appears what is described to be? But the works are not only questioning the color perception. The space, the algorithm and math. Where in project “3:1” he works with a proportion which might be to key. Nor the question, nor the answer. Very basic key where everything else is coming from. 3:1 as an algorithm is transformed into painting, drawing, objects, game or installations. This project is the question rather than the answer.

There is a myth that Einstein and Picasso met in Paris in 1904. They were both asking questions about time and space. Picasso express himself through painting and sculpture, and Einstein through a mathematical theorem. They were both questioning the world around us, but doing so in the language they knew best.


More About Simon Bures

Question IconDescribe your creative process.

Art is a scient

Question IconWhat are 3 words that best describe your work?

Craft, transparency and simplicity

Question IconWhat is the most important tool when creating your work?

My intuition

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University of Ostrava Faculty of Fine Arts

Czechia, 2020

University of Fine Arts in Poznań

Poland, 2018


Diplomky 2020

Czechia, 2020

Hranice Malby 4

Czechia, 2019


Poland, 2019


Czechia, 2018


Czechia, 2018

Sochařský zločin

Czechia, 2016

Figurama 2016

Poland, 2016


Czechia, 2015