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Szymon Łapaj

Born: 1993

Hometown: Czestochowa

Based in: München

Szymon Lapaj (1993) is an architect and artist. Working in architecture offices in Paris (Philippe Rahm), Vienna (AllesWirdGut) and Munich (HDR), he was exposed to a variety of approaches. He combines the parallels and contradictions of different disciplines. His extraordinary cosmos gives phenomena of decay, destruction and decomposition a new form. Concerned by the ruins of modernity and the failure of an utopian empires, the Munich-based artist's work encompasses a poetry of entropy, that rearranges traditional means of representation to shed new light on their future state. Many of Lapaj's objects combine different landscapes or elements from different times and spaces in order to reveal unexpected inter-relations. He creates sculptural paintings that combine traditional techniques such as oil painting with sculptural concrete elements. This seductive, new spatial language of his installations is reminiscent of the search for the sublime in images of ruins, catastrophes; just like the romantic aesthetics of the 18th century. This stimulates reflection on the finiteness of all eras. Each civilization inevitably gives way to another. His artworks are presented in private collections across Europe. The latest large format paintings are currently available in his Bogenhausen Studio.


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Question IconWhat inspires you?

Decay of the artefact

Question IconWhat is the most important tool when creating your work?


Question IconWhere do you go for inspiration?

Demolition sites



TU Delft

Netherlands, 2019