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Vito Difilippo

Born: 1988

Hometown: Bari

Based in: Italy

In his artistic exploration, Vito Difilippo, born in Monopoli in 1988, draws inspiration from the fiery expanses of Tavoliere, the vast blue of the endless sea, and the immensity of the Apulian sky. These natural elements form the starting point of his artistic production, where he seeks to translate the mystery of nature onto canvas, spanning from a self-taught approach to painting, from abstract expressionism to conceptual art, and to Arte Povera.

What fascinates Difilippo is the very essence of things, a constant striving towards the Truth, the Absolute, and the Spiritual in art. Difilippo finds a deep connection with the essence of things. He uses simple and common materials, transforming them into meaningful works of art that reflect the beauty of simplicity and the depth of everyday life. He combines deliberate color layering with improvised composition, reminiscent of the improvisation found in jazz. This marriage of planning and spontaneity creates an intriguing and dynamic atmosphere, inviting the observer to immerse themselves in the complex artworks.


Vito Difilippo In The Studio

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More About Vito Difilippo

Question IconWhat are 3 words that best describe your work?

deep connection, essence of things, beauty of simplicity

Question IconWhat is the most important tool when creating your work?


Question IconWhere do you go for inspiration?

nature and urbanity



Open Studio - Artist studio

Italy, 2023

Casa Cava - Matera

Italy, 2022

Museo Bellini - Florence

Italy, 2019

Daphne Bateau Gallery - Paris

France, 2017

Saatchi Gallery - London

United Kingdom, 2017

Domus Romana Gallery - Rome

Italy, 2017