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Yvonn Zubak

Hometown: Bratislava

Based in: Bratislava

My artwork is a manifestation of my interest in abstract geometry and the ways in which its forms can be used to explore and express the complexities of our world.
My practice is driven by a desire to create works of art that are both visually appealing and conceptually engaging.
I strive to use color, line, and shape to create a sense of balance and harmony within my pieces and to evoke a sense of curiosity and contemplation in viewers.
By using abstract geometry to explore and express the human experience, I hope to create works that are meaningful and thought-provoking. My inspiration comes from a variety of sources, including nature, music, culture and everyday life. I am passionate about creating pieces that are timeless and impactful and that will leave a lasting impression on viewers.




Comenius University

Slovakia, 2017


35AWARDS - 6TH international photo awards



Fotoforum 2022 - National Museum, Bratislava

Slovakia, 2022

AP Gallery

Slovakia, 2022

IBM, Bratislava

Slovakia, 2021

Tatra banka, Banska Bystrica

Slovakia, 2020

Pisztory Palace

Slovakia, 2019

Exhibit in Monochrome

Slovakia, 2019