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Zhou Chengzhou

Hometown: ChangDe

Based in: Beijing

Zhou Chengzhou was born in Changde city in Dec. 1982.
Graduated from Peking University, He is an artist and film director. His director's representative works are the art film Sub-subconscious and Time provider etc.
He is mainly engaged in artistic creation and research in the field of spiritual consciousness. His works also combine the views of industry, urbanization and marginalization. At the same time, he also focuses on the alienation and alienation between people and a broader and homogenized culture.

Awards & Honor

Film Festival Awards
- Adirondack Film Festival 2020-Offcial Selection
- LA Underground Film Forum Winner, 2020 USA
- Jelly Film Festival 2020-Finalist, 2020 USA

Art Awards
- Lensculture summer open 2022 award Winner
- Photofest Sponsored National Geography Awards 2019 winner
- 1X Photo Awards 2017/18 – People’s Choice Conceptual winner
- Lensculture Art Photography Awards 2018 – Finalist
- Aesthetica Art Prize 2018 – Finalist

- Beyond Boundaries - LensCulture Exhibition at Aperture Gallery 2019
- Aesthetica Art Prize 2019 - Exhibition at York Art Gallery
- A Planet In Balance - Photofest with National Geographic sponsored gallery 2019


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