Calvin Chih Hao Teng


Born: 1954

Hometown: Taichung, Taiwan

Lives and Works: Taiwan

In Calvin Teng’s abstract artwork, you can see fluid lines and brushstrokes that are like distinct rhythms, inversions, harmonies, counterpoints or variations expressed in music. In Calvin’s lyrical space, he uses forms, clusters and colors to exhibit the beauty of landscapes in the modern art arena. To testify his aesthetic belief, Calvin Teng adopts unique approaches to depict the sublime beauty of landscapes through transcending their original outlines into abstract forms and spirits. The essence of his artwork connects with heaven and earth. His brushstrokes lead us into a primitive, gigantic, lifeless historical time, which represents and interprets something that has already been lost. The soul in his work, sometimes awake or dreaming, seems to have a connection with the boundless universe. It sometimes intertwines bewilderingly with nature and praises the eternal life and spirit in this world. Calvin Teng’s artwork depicts many different forms of nature: dripping, splashing, wild, resilient, cruel, lush, misty or murky, all of which leads to his true heart. Through creating landscape art, Calvin spawns metaphors to resemble the harmonious and solemn beauty of the earth. His artwork contains passionate, poetic and philosophical essence, which epitomizes Mother Nature and will stand as a divine force with the passage of time. Artist Statement: "Don’t like over-elaborate formalities Don’t enjoy citing classic works Not good at giving long-winded statement I only use ingenuity, simplicity, modesty, and intuition to share and examine my notion of creativity Through self-awareness, I realize that life goes on Through sunlight, air and water, my paintings begin to breathe With deep Chinese cultural influences I wonder through the imaginary, three-dimensional space constructed by virtual and real images Filled with dramatic tension at times Or with calming rhythms at another I turn poetry into paintings Everything I paint Has not only become living artworks that breathe But also a window to the soul Like shadows casted by wielding a sword Intangibles are there to paint I Paint, Therefore I Am."