Fong Qi Wei


Hometown: Singapore

Lives and Works: Singapore

I am an artist using photography as my medium for expression. I am based in Singapore with 10+ years of experience with digital photography and optimization. My philosophy regarding art is that it is about "making special." I strive to make art that captures my audience's attention and engages them on a deeper level. I want to make art that hooks the "thinking part" and the "feeling part" of you. Through my art, I wish to provoke my audience to think further about the familiar and ordinary. I have been in solo and group exhibitions (Titian Budaya 2015, National Museum of Singapore and Alliance Francaise de Singapour), involved in several publications, and have made commissioned art in France and the USA. I have won several awards including 1st Place: International Photography Awards 2013 (Category Nature: Flowers). My art has been featured globally, from the Boston Globe, the New York Times, to This Is Colossal.