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Jeganathan Ramachandram

Jeganathan Ramachandram

Hometown: Kuala Lumpur

Based in: Kuala Lumpur


Born into a family of musicians and writers, with a father who played seven different types of instruments, Jeganathan Ramachandram had art in him from a very young age. Born on the 17th of July 1962, Malaysia, he is an artist with varied talents. Besides his talent in art, he is also an author, poet, sound analyst and scenographer.

Jeganathan studied Traditional Indian Painting (Tanjore Art) under the guidance of Babu Surender in Chennai, India from 1982 to 1984; Granite Sculpturing under Sthapathi Thangavelu Achari in Thirupathi, India; Woodcarving under Muthusamy Achari an Indian Classical music with 'Vithvan' Veennai Arjuna in Chennai.

He entered the art scene more than thirty-five years ago and has since received widespread acclaim as an artist who creates with total clarity.

Music and art are embedded most intricately in every fiber of his being, as he repeatedly says that Art originally and eventually must be interactive and its is from this premise he creates his works of art.

He has exhibited his works, to name a few, in the National Art Gallery, Petronas Gallery, Wei Ling Gallery, Mumbai Art Festival, Art House Singapore, Gaya Gallery Bali, Indonesia, Pall Mall, London and other leading galleries since 1984.

A former graphic artist with a leading daily, he left his job as the head of graphic department and devoted to painting full time in 2004 when he opened his own Art Gallery/Studio, 'Symbols House of Natural Art', Malaysia.

His valuable insights and knowledge on the natural sciences have also been published in local leading dailies. He has also authored a series of booklets, "Hindu Science" that has a dedicated support from more than 4,000 readers from Malaysia, Singapore and India. His latest book titled “ Moment” is in the works to be published soon.

Many of his paintings have become priced collections of private collectors and institutions not only from Malaysia but also from abroad. His works are gaining popularity for their originality and its unique symbolic nature.

Art writer Anurendra Jegadeva summarizes,

"Jega's work does not seem to fit any of the 'isms' or directions within current Malaysian paintings, but employs the element of many; Figurism, Surealism, Pattern and Decoration, Primitivism, Cubism, Orientalism and occasionally Expressionalism, all of which marries very harmoniously within the sanctuary of what is best described – if you can forgive the irresistible pun – as a kind of Mystical Realism!"


Jeganathan's works symbolically represent how he sees the physical, psychological and spiritual connection with the universe.

He is particularly noted for his paintings of Hindu God "Ganesha". His 'Ganeshas' remain very popular in Malaysia and abroad.

Jeganathan also loves the concept of 'human embodiment'. What most of us know about our own body is just the tip of the iceberg, but he has a way making you see the body in a totally new perspective.

As Jega says,

"You have to be fully present in your body to become aware of its true wisdom. Not only that, to breathe life onto your canvas, you must BE what you are painting. If it's a tree, one has to become the tree, if it's a dog, be that dog in mind."

As a story teller and one who is keen in recording moments in time, his works are also inspired by the current happenings around him which he expresses through symbolic expressionism. Deeply concerned about the state of our present environment, his works implore the viewers to take heed and feel the pain inflicted on Mother Earth, and do something as a human being to alleviate the pain.

Jeganathan uses a variety of techniques to give life and color to what comes through him, the most unique is his dabbing method. At present his strokes has taken on a further dimension by creating illumination through carefully composed colors onto his canvas.

He has a number of short videos to his credit and his Art Beggar speaks casually about his interactive art.

After his solo exhibition in National Visual Art Gallery, Malaysia, Earth Sound 9 in November 2016, he started on his journey travelling around Malaysia to experience the nature of the people in different parts of the country. Along the journey, he spread the importance of art and culture to create social awareness.

His 23 years of study on character of people based on days helped him to communicate with people to make them understand their own strength. He exhibited his research trough an art exhibition themed “Human Watching”

He is currently writing a visual biography of his journey.



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