June Young Lim


Born: 1976

Hometown: Korea

Lives and Works: Seoul

Photographer June Young Lim has been managing and working the photos of ancestors who followed a fourth generation family business photos. Lim family: Lim Seok-je (1918-1996, brother of the great-grandfather), Lim In-sik (1920-1998, grandfather), Lim Chung-eui (1944-present, father), and Lim June Young (1976-present). He specializes in architecture, and fine art photography. He was born in Seoul, Korea, and graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco with a degree in Photography and from the School of Visual Arts in New York with a MPS in Digital Photography. He has had solo and group exhibitions with Art Space J, Soul Art space, Gallery Lux, AK gallery in Seoul and Busan. His work - “Like Water(series depicts an actual place and the water that flows in it, representing the cycle of people’s lives.)”, “New Fossils” and others - has been exhibited in many galleries in San Francisco, New York and Korea. Nowadays he focuses on his next project: seeking answers in various ways and places.

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